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Dapoet123 asked 2 weeks ago

I am an African American man traveling to Mauritius as a part of my birthday celebration. I just arrived at Mauritius(MRU), 6/2/24. After going thru immigrations, and being questioned on my purpose, proof of accomodations, etc, I was on my way out of the airport when I witnessed customs officers stop almost every black person, including me, to check passports and rerun our bags thru the x ray machine. While being interrogated, I was told to show proof of where I was staying, asked to explain why I was there, and a slew of other questions that I felt were unnecessary to say the least. So, I called out the action to the officer, I told her she was profiling myself and every other black person who's walking past her, while letting all of the other white people, Indians, and others, go by with no problem. She then proceeded to press the issue of me showing proof of where I was staying, why I was there, looking at my passport as if trying to find a problem with it, in which I told her I wanted to speak to her manager, in which she told me "she's the one asking questions here", in which I told her " and I'm asking you to show me to your manager". A guy walks up, apparently the manager. He takes over with the question asking, but almost a softer tone than hers. Still having a tone of suspicion of why my black ass is here in Mauritius? How I'm getting to my hotel? What's in my bags? In America we face racism that's more covert. This was overt, It was unsettling, unfortunate, and an unnecessary event that has left a bad taste in my mouth on entry. I hope the days to come on this island are better.

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