QuestionsGeneral-MiscRewrite the following text for me, omitting a “full stop” at the end: Why are Mauritians (especially male folks) homophobic and transphobic?
WebWarrior6_9 asked 9 months ago

I recently saw a pride post on the Instagram page of The Defi Media group and the nearly all of it was just complete and utter hatred for the community using disgusting slurs towards them (I even saw a friend that i knew from college saying that the place where the march was conducted should be washed for how disgusting that was). I really am curious about this because in no way, to my knowledge has any Mauritian been hurt by any LGBT member. If anyone can explain this, it will be greatly appreciated <3

DatGuy_Shawnaay answered 9 months ago

It’s a conservative country. There’s bound to be resistance even if people aren’t totally religious, it’s just an uncharted territory and that can happen with uncharted knowledge. When I was younger, the environment I grew up in made it seem like LGBTQ+ was basically an evil. It’s just about people’s preconceived perception.

wooshun67 answered 9 months ago

Old fashioned macho crap

Katen1023 answered 9 months ago

It’s disappointing & tiring.
A lot of it comes from religion. Their religion makes up 90% of who they are, so anytime they see someone who doesn’t conform to the rules set by *their* religion, they lose their shit.
They just can’t understand the concept of “live & let live”, if they find it “immoral” or whatever, they feel this need to make their hatred known. They **need** everyone else around them to fit in the nice little boxes created by their religion or their whole sense of self crumbles.

I’m not targeting any particular religion, but as an atheist looking in, it seems that a lot of those religious zealots struggle to understand that we’re not a country ruled by one religion, we’re a multicultural country and we should (in theory at least) be able to accept that other people have different beliefs.

It’s also very hypocritical because a lot of these guys are into giving anal sex and will often date bi women with the expectation that they’ll get group sex out of it. As a bi woman, I’ve seen this up close.
They fetishise lesbians and bi women but direct this very intense hatred towards gays & trans people because they can’t get any gratification from them.

Illustrious_Date8697 answered 9 months ago

Look man, some of it is bigotry but some of it is also trying to fight against ridiculous ideologies

I have nothing against gays or lesbians but the trans people is where we start to see some issues.

Here in Canada where I moved 2 years ago, this pronoun and gender ideology has gone too far and everyday they invent another gender. biological men using womens bathrooms, biological men invading womens sports, denying binary notions of gender and calling people “they/them” when thats just grammatically incorrect for a singular person etc.

If you look at the progression of the LGBT stuff, it starts off tame but as we get more leftist, it gets crazier.

For example, the pride in Toronto was quite disgusting with people even exposing their privates making a gross and perverse sexual display infront of the public which includes children.

Now thats Canada, I know the pride in Mauritius is ok for the time being but think to yourself, given how far this has gone, do you want the same over there?

floreal999 answered 9 months ago

Backward thinking. Maybe a touch of closeted conflicted sexuality causing confusion too lol

Summhunni answered 9 months ago

I went to Gay pride night at one of the night clubs in Gb a few years ago. Police were there. There were warnings of a hate attack. Scary stuff. Not something ppl should live with if they are just trying to express themselves. Mauritius is confusing on many issues. My best friend friend is lesbian. This rubs so many people the wrong way. I also know a gay man that bought a business, I remember him saying the staff were ok but one guy was uncomfortable, he said to the guy ” don’t worry, I would never be attracted to you”. Joking around.Making light of an awkward situation. Kinda made him feel comfortable and things were OK after that. I think ppl just need to open up their social circles, gay ppl are not bad.

sirus6666 answered 9 months ago

As a non-mauritian, the most underated part of living in Mauritius is that there is no woke BS agenda being pushed everywhere like in western countries. I have nothing against LGBT people and i believe that anybody have the right to do whatever they want in their bed. But to have your sexual preference as your personality and that your life revolve around it is pretty ridiculous.

Dila_Ila16 answered 9 months ago

I saw the IG post for LGBTQIA parade in the weekend for l’express. All those degrading comments from both men and women!
I wouldn’t say only men, but also women and I think it’s because they’re closeted gay themselves or just highly insecure of their sexuality or just very very very religious.

Ry_Ka69 answered 9 months ago

I don’t have anything against the LGBT community but why is there a need to flaunt your sexuality or whatever you choose to identify as?

JonJonSee answered 9 months ago

Because in MRU, religions are a cancer. They is no STATE/Religion separation and extremists are very powerful.
The goverment does’t do anything to control religious sects, extremists.

Also, the police is passive toward online hate, and most probably agree with agressors and all the hate.

bloodyjo answered 9 months ago

LGBT has nothing to do with gay ppl . This is a political movement with a destructive agenda. Most gay doesn’t relate with this.

Disastrous_Account45 answered 9 months ago

I think its about being gay that people hate. Its shoving it up in people’s face in every where they can that they hate. Gays are just like everyone else, only thing that differs is their sexual preference. Pride this, pride that, everyone need to ‘accept’ how they feel. If you don’t you are homophobic. Religion also has a great play in it too and majority of Mauritians just brain dead follow religions. But I think a resistance is really important if the LGBT community in Mauritius turns into the LGBTQ+ LMNOP or whatever alphabets they wanna add to it. People don’t even know what they identity as. Making up whatever new word they come up with to identity as. And worse of all, as it is happening in USA, forcing kids to be gay. Kids being taught about pronouns , made up genders , brainwashing them to the point that if a boy sees a dress and say its beautiful they will make him believe he should identify as a girl. Then doing sex exchange surgery the kid grows up end up hating his life with no option to fix it and suffer from complications from the surgery. Sadly this a reality of LGBT in USA. So I think part of the resistance and hatred towards gays is because of religion , because of people who just cant accept the idea that people of the same gender can be together and finally the ones who do not want Mauritius to become like USA. If you are gay, good for you. Ain’t nothing wrong in that. Nothing changes in anyone’s else life until you shove it up their face.

5onOfSparda answered 9 months ago

Screw them.

We live in Mauritius, a country that claims to be a rainbow nation. It’s such a shame that people who claim to be modern have such a backwards way of thought. Why do people have such a problem with others’ way of life? If you got that much of an issue with them, just get away from them.

I personally don’t have an issue with them ,matter of fact, i wholeheartedly support them ,as long as they are not involving someone who definitely doesn’t want to be involved, that is.

To me, it’s One Love

llo-ollo-oll answered 9 months ago

I know these are terms that are thrown around casually these days but they describe perfectly how most of the men here are : misogynistic and full toxic masculinity.
I told my ex I was bi-curious about women and he used that to break up with me. He didn’t try to break up because he was cheating for the past 1 year, no, but just because I told him how I really felt.

edizyan answered 9 months ago

Crazy how many false facts and prejudices about gay people exist in this thread.

Mostly every second post is dead wrong with their look on homosexuals.

Spiritual_Payment_31 answered 9 months ago

I blv it’s important to remember that opinions and attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals can vary widely within any society, including Mauritius. While it’s disheartening to see expressions of homophobia and transphobia, it’s essential to approach this issue with empathy, open dialogue, and an understanding of its potential causes.

Homophobia and transphobia can sometimes be deeply rooted in cultural and societal norms. In Mauritius, like in many other countries, traditional beliefs, religious teachings, or cultural practices can influence people’s perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues. These beliefs may contribute to a lack of acceptance or understanding.

Often, a lack of education and awareness can perpetuate negative attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals. Mauritius may not have comprehensive LGBTQ+ education programs, and many people might not have had the opportunity to learn about diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

Negative attitudes can be reinforced by media portrayals and peer influences. If there are negative stereotypes perpetuated in the media or if people are surrounded by individuals with biased views, it can contribute to a hostile environment for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Some individuals may be resistant to change or perceive LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance as a threat to their own beliefs or way of life. Fear of the unknown can lead to discrimination and prejudice.

Efforts to combat homophobia and transphobia in Mauritius should involve education, awareness campaigns, and fostering respectful dialogues.Change can be slow, but it’s essential to work towards a more inclusive and accepting society where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can live without fear of discrimination or hatred.

mrboomtings answered 9 months ago

It’s good to see that some places in the world are maintaining some sort of standard and not being brainwashed by the media!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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