QuestionsGeneral-MiscThose who use a second router to manage internal private networks at your residence, what is the best implementation?
Difficult_Industry69 asked 10 months ago

This question mainly pertains to MyT Home Internet, but the discussion may also be useful for users of other ISPs. Please feel free to correct any mistakes I may have made.Hello everyone! As you may know, most of the Home Internet connectivity from MyT now offers speeds of 100 mbps. However, in order to achieve this speed on your devices, there are two scenarios:1) You must use a Cat 5 (or better) LAN Ethernet RJ45 Cable to connect your device to the router.2) You need to have the new MyT router with 5Ghz Wifi capability, and your device should support 5Ghz Wifi.I contacted MyT (8902) regarding this matter, and they informed me that they will not be upgrading our old Huawei HG8245H router (which is limited to 2.4Ghz Wifi with a maximum speed of about 40 mbps) in the near future.Therefore, one possible solution I propose is to connect a Wifi 6 capable router (or at least one that can support 5Ghz Wifi) to the MyT Huawei HG8245 router using a Cat 5 (or 6) cable. This way, all of your Wifi enabled devices can connect to the secondary router and achieve speeds of around 100 mbps. The advantage of this setup is that you have full control over the configuration of the secondary router, allowing for better management of your private internal network, static IPs, custom firewall settings, Pihole, and so on. The secondary router will also provide additional LAN ports for use.However, please note that you will not have 100 mbps on all devices simultaneously due to bandwidth limitations and the presence of an additional 'obstacle' between the client device and the server. Nevertheless, you should still experience speeds close to the advertised 100 mbps.Now, I would like to hear from those of you who already have similar setups. Can you please share what has worked for you and any issues you encountered? Did you experience any limitations with the MyT router firmware? Were there any blocked features? For those who have the new 5Ghz Wifi MyT Router, have you noticed any additional restrictions compared to the old one?I am considering implementing such a setup at my place to better manage CCTV IP cameras, a custom router firewall, and static IPs for easy device access.Please share your thoughts!Thank you!

NeKapS9 answered 10 months ago

My setup:

– MyT router (wlan off)
– telephone
– myt tv
– one extension goes to my main router (you can use ubiquity, any router flashed with openwrt). This depends on how much you want to invest and your technical knowledge vs ease of use. You can even go with custom opensense operating system.

– if your router has 4 ports and support vlan >
Configure one vlan for home devices ( phone, tv for casting, etc). One vlan for cctv and other vlans as you require.

– have the router broadcast the vlan as ssid so you can have wifi camera connect to your cctv network while your phones stays on main.

– get wired access point to extend your network, ideally those who can broadcast multiple ssids.

– configure your firewall on the router to maybe limit the chinese cctv to send your data outside etc.

– have a mini home server to host some apps, etc.

Use unmanaged switch for each vlan to expand by your number of devices.
Use managed switch only if needed.

saajidv answered 10 months ago

I have the “new” 5GHz my.t router but I’ve disabled the WiFi. I use my own router and network equipment. The performance hit is completely negligible, there is less than 1ms latency added.

There’s a cat6 cable going from the my.t router’s LAN1 port on the my.t router to the WAN port on an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X. The WAN IP on my router is a static IP in the range.

I then logged in to the my.t router and set the static IP for my router under Advanced > Forward Rules > DMZ function. This avoids most issues that come with double NAT (e.g. I only have to do port forwarding once, on my router).

I’ve got a few switches around the house that are connected to my router. My TP-Link Omada WiFi access points are connected to the switches. I have the Omada controller running in a VM for seamless roaming between devices, band steering and easy SSID management.

Note that you don’t have to do all this if you just want faster WiFi; you would only need a WiFi 5/6 access point (or a router running in access point mode) connected to one of the LAN ports on the my.t router.

Brooklyn7011 answered 10 months ago

5 GHz WiFi? Dude 2015 is calling and wants their WiFi standards back.

You know that in some parts of the world WiFi 6 or 6E are already reality….

pavit answered 10 months ago

The best “implementation” by far is still Bridge Mode PPPoE to your own router, it’s the most efficient way to have the best speeds and traffic flow control / management when using your own router… since PPPoE is an encapsulation protocol and all work is being offloaded to your own router with bits own QOS management… and the myt ONT is just acting like a switch between the fibre and the lan cable to your router…

But alas myt no longer allows for router admin access to modify wan parameters…

We have been using bridged PPPoE mode since like very early ADSL days around 2001… for all these years even to date… they haven’t changed our home or office router both using the old business large huawei still so our configurations are still on bridge mode on these units…

Next best would be to use the DMZ port of the huawei Ont but that just adds cpu and traffic routing overheads…

Extra_Speaker9083 answered 10 months ago

Personally, I have a big house. So I run an RJ45 cable from the myT box which is in a corner of the house to an extender (setup as an access point) in the middle of the house. The extender is pretty powerful (It was appox. Rs 10,000) and covers the whole house in 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Wifi.

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