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Anonymous asked 4 weeks ago

Devastated to be back home after an amazing trip to Mauritius 🇲🇺. Flew with Air Mauritius and will definitely use them again. Stayed at the Westin Turtle beach resort on the West Coast, a truly incredible hotel. Despite some unpredictable weather due to the tail end of an anti-cyclone, we spent every day in the pool or sea. Explored the North of the island by car, with a memorable 5 island tour in the East/South. This website is helpful but you'll find your own way once you're there. Everyone's experience is different, but you won't regret visiting this beautiful island 🏝 in Mauritius. Dreaming of a warm, cloudy day there as we face the cold, rainy weather back home in England. ♥️

DeLui VientmonSalut answered 4 weeks ago

Please go back….. my country is amazing… sea adventure is great too.

Anjali Teeluck Tendulkar answered 4 weeks ago

Well said

Kamala Awotar answered 4 weeks ago

So happy you had great time here darling. This is Mauritius and it is amazing holiday spot.
Come back anytime you can, most welcome. 😊

Ganessen Vythilingum answered 3 weeks ago

Welcome back soon

Krvine Rampadaruth answered 3 weeks ago

Thank you for visiting our island. 🙏, please come again.

Nim Pompe answered 3 weeks ago

Wonderful to hear 😊; can you please give me some details of the operator for the 5 islands tour please. Thank you.

Carmel Lewis answered 3 weeks ago

Thanks for posting , we leave to go on Monday can’t wait x

Louise Herd answered 3 weeks ago

We will be there in 10 days for 3 weeks. We absolutely love Mauritius and probably our 8th time.

Madina Bint answered 3 weeks ago

Welcome back dear..❤️❤️❤️

Anna Collard answered 3 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing, proudly Mauritian, my star of the Indian Ocean!

Haseena Nair answered 3 weeks ago

I totally agree with you,it is an absolute paradise,we stayed at Preskil Resort for a week,did the tours,even hired a car and drove around,beautiful place ❤️

Lisa Norris answered 3 weeks ago

Thankyou for your feedback. Can’t wait to go. Did you hire your car once out there?

Charlotte Picot answered 3 weeks ago

Fantastic you had a great time. My. Mum was lucky enough to grow up in Mauritius. Why why why did they move. Luckily I’ve been back on holiday to see my fabulous family. Question now is where do I retire – it’s got to be 4 months in each country – England, France and Mauritius.

Andersson Helene answered 3 weeks ago

Wonderful to hear🥰

Lesley Ladbury Smith answered 3 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing! Glad you had a great time we’re going next Friday to the Ambre on the east coast, don’t care about the weather too much just going to enjoy the experience!

Zay Nab answered 3 weeks ago

I can totally understand you.
I just came back to Luxembourg from Mauritius last week and im disgusted 😭😭😭

Neli de Jesus answered 3 weeks ago

Been there 3 times and counting. Absolutely love Mauritius ❤️❤️

Shimmy Vandayar answered 3 weeks ago

Totally agree with you. Even in mid winter Mauritius is a thousand times better than summer in the northern hemisphere!!

Mary Illingworth Banks answered 3 weeks ago

That’s why we live there for 5 months every year…July to November

Nawsheen Bint Abbass answered 3 weeks ago

Awww just waking up with the blue sky there helps.
Yeah here in Uk always grey and dark and still single digit at night in June 🙈🙈🙈🙈!

Makyra answered 3 weeks ago

Makyra Goeckel

Desarey answered 3 weeks ago

Desarey Beloglazova

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    English and French are the two most widely spoken languages on the island. The locals converse in Mauritian Creole, a unique language deriving its structure from French with some African influences.
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