QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhat are the insurance companies you recommend for health and vehicle insurance?
MindAndOnlyMind asked 3 weeks ago

I am looking at coverage and cost.

avinash answered 3 weeks ago

I’m happy with SICOM. I have my car and home insurance with them.

salmankm answered 3 weeks ago

Not phoenix

M0rning_Knight answered 3 weeks ago

SWAN has always been my go-to, with good service and good coverage, both for car and health

[deleted] answered 3 weeks ago

Swan has been the most reliable for me. I have my health, car, house insurance and retirement plans there.

TheBigElectricityGuy answered 3 weeks ago

Every time I’ve done a comparison, MUA always seems to be best for vehicle insurance in terms of coverage vs. cost. Last I checked, SWAN was *slightly* cheaper for a similar plan, but when you compare the fine print, Swan didn’t cover many of the things that MUA did.

I’ve never been in an accident (knock on wood), but I have a friend who was previously with Sanlam. His car was hit in a parking lot, and it took *months* for them to resolve the claim. This same (unlucky) friend switched to MUA and has since been in another minor accident (not his fault this time either), and said MUA was very fast and efficient in dealing with the claim and getting his car repaired, so that’s a good sign.

EllaArt1 answered 3 weeks ago

Sicom is really good but Swan is ok too

Mountainking7 answered 3 weeks ago

Just a wild idea. Google up the names of some companies, contact their agents and as per your specificities, you will surely get some quotes from which you can compare!!

sanij_snj answered 3 weeks ago

Swan or NIC for car… They offer pretty much same benefit for comprehensive package… Tho I like swan better, with the option to renew and pay everything by mail/bank transfer

Retribuzione answered 3 weeks ago

Most of the vehicles insurance are scam, choose the cheapest one and forget about it. I was at Sicom when i purchased a new car, premium was 34k/year, the following year it dropped to 30k then last year it went to 35k. Never claimed anything before its just the insurance magic. Ive canceled it and moved to Lamco and got a better deal which includes house insurance upto 500k for 20k/year

DashyGB answered 3 weeks ago

For health: LINKHAM

Angrybird2025 answered 3 weeks ago

The only way you know an insurance is good is when you need their services after your car is in an accident. I know many people praising their insurances until after getting to really know how insurance work for procedures post car accident.

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