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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Can you please tell me the current weather? I am flying out next Friday and hoping for sunny weather.

My Magical Moments answered 9 months ago

This is how is is now
30 degrees

Martine Daurat Mungoven answered 9 months ago

Very warm

Krishna Harry answered 9 months ago

Lots of sunshine indeed

Travis Bigara answered 9 months ago

Just be ready for a sunburn 😜

Donald Peddie answered 9 months ago

Where you staying. North always warm and dry

Gerard Peka answered 9 months ago

Looks like your prayers have been granted! Lots of warm sunny days! It has rained only once since I got to the island on the 27th September!🌺☀️⛵️⛱️🌴

Jonathan OLoughlin answered 9 months ago

Freezing bring a jacket

Tim Purcell answered 9 months ago


Lyndsay Nanny Whittaker answered 9 months ago

Here now don’t take no notice of weather reports few days cloudy spots of rain but still hot! It’s been gorgeous today roasting

Ian Head answered 9 months ago

Sunny and hot

Thys Odette Van Zyl answered 9 months ago

Very hot / lots of sunshine! But dont fear – LOTS LOTS of cocktails and lots of perfectly blue clear water to soak in. Only pack a bathing suit and sunscreen ✈️

Jayne Owen Goddard answered 9 months ago

Scorchio today 🥵🥵🌴🌴☀️☀️

Mauritius by Ride answered 9 months ago

Good weather expected. Starting to warm up. So on your helmets and see Mauritius by Ride

Hunter Shikari answered 9 months ago

Just bring Sun cream and bikini
Sun Power reign at the moment

Akshay Hurbansee answered 9 months ago

You will get excess of sunshine

Martin Bashforth answered 9 months ago

Will let you know in about 8 hours, just waiting for the connection in DXB now

Patrick Louise answered 9 months ago

Rained a bit in the west yesterday and north was over cast but no rain still warm depends what area you staying

Ann Moldan answered 9 months ago

We are currently staying in the north west – we’ve been here 4’days and it’s getting hotter each day – it does cool off in the evenings so a cardigan or sleeved top is useful but that’s all you need – Dresses, shorts, t shirts –

Rebecca Wise answered 9 months ago


Gemma Grant answered 9 months ago

Hot on the west

David John Hannah answered 9 months ago

It’s cold

Nicola Kevill answered 9 months ago

It’s very warm here at the moment

Abellard JN answered 9 months ago

Its the perfect season to be here , it’s almost always sunny , hot and sunset is just incredible 😍

Moireen Van Staden answered 9 months ago

Regardless of time of year it is always really warm to really hot here especially if you’re south african and have lived through very cold winters, here we wear nothing but short clothes all year round. 😁Doesn’t rain much at all in the west.

Kirsi Colclough answered 9 months ago

Here now and it’s warm and sunny 👌

Chris Efh Strait answered 9 months ago

generally, wind rain, sun, cloud and night time all in 24hrs.

Adie Bailey answered 9 months ago

Are you going to cancel your holiday if the forecast is bad?

Vishal Bhugwan answered 9 months ago

Snowing 🌨️

Yennie Norton answered 9 months ago

It’s 9.35, off to the sea on boat and beach! It’s friday😉

Akash Callikan answered 9 months ago

More than 50 live cameras on this site + live weather as well:

Tracey Rust answered 9 months ago

Thank you for all the helpful answers and even the clowns of the group made me laugh 😂
Honestly weather apps are never spot on and we travel a lot and been to many tropical islands so do know this for a fact just thought it was nice to ask someone who is actually there at the moment for a better idea that not that it would stop us enjoying the beautiful place just wanted to know that’s all really honestly thought that was what these sort of pages are for
Apologies for asking a question il know not to do that again 🤣😂
But thanks everyone for helpful answers 🥰

Gert Stephanus Maritz answered 9 months ago

Ah, you’ve asked the forbidden question and will be punished in the comments unfortunately.

Kerry-Fairy Ferreira answered 9 months ago

Google it. Really. You don’t need an entire online community to tell you this. Type in 10 day forecast Mauritius and you’ll get your answer. 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s a tropical island. There will be sun, there will be rain. It’ll be fine either way.

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