QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhere can I get a good hair loss diagnosis and treatment? pls help
MS_BOY asked 3 weeks ago

I (17M) have recently noticed that I have been rapidly losing a lot of hair. Much more than the daily amount of 150 follicles... losing about 50 - 100 each night sleep aloneI've just lightly ran my hand through my hair a couple of times and about 75 more fell... and this is only 3 hours after waking up... more and more keep falling out during the day... It's very stressful for me =/

Brooklyn7011 answered 3 weeks ago

Dude at 17 you should get your hormones checked. You’re probably suffering from too much testosterone in combination with the gene where you convert a lot to DHT and that’s driving your hair loss early.

In any case this seems hormonal, especially if no one else in your family went bald significantly before their mid 30s.

Intelligent_Cow297 answered 3 weeks ago

1. You will have to confirm whether you are really balding
Check your temples for a receding hairline
Check the top of your scalp for hair loss patches

2. Visit a dermatologist and you might be prescribed with minoxidil and you might use a hair fossil roller with minoxidil to promote growth

3. You have improve your lifestyle
Better quality sleep
Gentle drying of hair after washing
Eat healthy
Manage stress

charlie_zoosh answered 3 weeks ago

No need to panic…just yet.

-This could be as simple as a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Get a blood test.

– It could also be caused by stress. Normally, you see hair loss around 6 months after a major life event has occurred.Did anything major happen to you at the beginning of the year?

– Are you on medication? Acne meds, antibiotics, anti-depressants.. etc can cause hair loss.

There’s [a chart at the bottom]( that you may find helpful.

Brooklyn7011 answered 3 weeks ago

I’m not getting what your parents don’t agree to. You’re 17, go to the doctor on your own. The rest is all just paperwork and consequence of the results

FireBraguette answered 3 weeks ago

Testosterone burst at 11 y.o, overstressed and bad genetics made me bald at 15 y.o..

I feel you mahdude! I hope you find a solution but if you don’t, EMBRACE THE BALDNESS!

Confidence is key

Best of luck 💪

Little_Islander_Mu answered 2 weeks ago

Join us…


The bald gang 🧑‍🦲

Angrybird2025 answered 2 weeks ago

I happen to notice something that speaks for itself. You’ve probably not realised it yet but all the DRUG ADDICTS out there, have lots of hair. All those people who loves alcohol, who can’t live a day without, have good quantity of hair. I’m not telling you to do these ok, but it’s fair to assume they have something that prevents their hair fall. I assumed alcohol or drugs are DHT blockers. How many of you find this hilarious?
You have to see first yourself. The second good cause of hair loss is anxiety/stress. If u can make yourself feel intense joy everyday, be sure to embrace lots of hair.

Angrybird2025 answered 2 weeks ago

Alternately you have to see a Trichologist for hair and scalp issues. And mind you. Many such doctors dnt EVEN HAVE HAIR. So how would they treat your hair loss huh!

anonymousdvd answered 2 weeks ago

Hair Clinic Floreal
Book an appointment
See what happens

Tizufuja answered 2 weeks ago

You may not need it now but if significant hair loss runs in your family, ……..
This is a clinic in Trou aux Biches.

Much-Land-4906 answered 2 weeks ago

I know it’s easier said than done but first, you have to stop stressing out.
Stress can cause hair loss.

As for treatment and diagnosis. Sorry, I don’t know any.

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