QuestionsGeneral-Miscwhich car insurance may i opt for?
ianik7777 asked 8 months ago

will soon renew my car insurance and wondering about any other insurance that i can consider. what do you suggest?

ajaxsirius answered 8 months ago

There’s only two types of car insurance in Mauritius; third-party and comprehensive.

If you want to reduce the cost of your insurance you can shop around at other insurers, and you can reduce the amount that is covered.

One thing to remember is that even if you pay, say Rs.X/month for a coverage of up to 5 million on your car. The insurance will not necessarily reimburse 5 million on a total loss. They will have a certified and approved evaluator assess the value of your loss and they will reimburse based on that amount. So if the evaluator says it’s worth 230,000 then that’s what they’ll pay out. Doesn’t matter if the premium you have been paying covers for up to 5 million.

You can ask your insurer for a list of approved evaluators and then contact them to assess your vehicle on a private basis. They will charge you for it, but it’ll give you a better idea of how much you should be insuring your vehicle for.

Mountainking7 answered 8 months ago

1. We don’t know what is your current insurance type.
2. Where are you insured.
3. How much you pay.
4. Did you get accidented.
5. How old is your car amongst others

So, I’d say anywhere else is a good place to start.

freeatom25 answered 8 months ago

Quantum insurance or GFA.. really worth, good service and value for money.

ianik7777 answered 8 months ago

got a good quote from Quantum insurance. whats your views regarding this insurance?

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