QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhy does Mauritius have a high number of diabetic people?
Significant-Ad610 asked 9 months ago

Why does Mauritius have a high prevalence of diabetes, and are there any potential interventions to address the issue?

Bloodwitch444 answered 9 months ago

hereditary reasons and also we consume a lot of carbohydrates and also because of a sedentary lifestyle

encourage people to buy diabetic sugar / reduce consumption of sugar or carbs and be more active daily

thscene answered 9 months ago

It is rooted in the aftermath of colonization and indenture.

ConfectionHot6345 answered 9 months ago

Mauritius was previously a british colony. Brits like their tea sweet afaik. Mauritius has sugar cane (although afaik we only export it). 1 + 1 = 2 but it’s more complex than that. Plenty more reasons behind the high rates of diabetics. For instance a lot of Mauritians have a snack at 3 o’clock. Guess where that came from😀. In addition Mauritians in general are not diet literate. I know some people who stuff their face like evey hour, which spikes insuling and ends up giving them insuling resistance. Pro tip: do research on intermittent fasting

Available_Glove_820 answered 9 months ago

Rural-urban migration, insulin resistance of people of the Indian subcontinent, although they have left a long time ago, but the genetics still remains the same and high carb intake with less to zero protein, all of these could be potentially the reasons for it, keep in mind that India, Pakistan and china are top 3 diabetic countries

NeKapS9 answered 9 months ago

Combination of several cuisines, sedentary life but hereditary from grand parents…and to top it off. Too much rice and flour.

gilbertcarosin answered 9 months ago

too much carb and not enough fat like real butter ( not the dangerous margarine made out of vegetable oil ), ghee , whole milk, real cheese, red meat, bacon, eggs, fish also every thing you buy is made from or has added sugar from your salad dressing/ vinegar ( most are caramel vinegar ) your mayonnaise, moutarde, the chilli you buy and some of your bread and ham, sugar is a natural preservative the food industry is abusing… there is nothing hereditary with diabete it is just your eating habits that has been passed out from your parent and approved by your doctor


P.S note that the excess of sugar is also linked to the high amount of cancer we see nowaday although the latest spike might also be a result of the magic juice the doctor said you had to take 3 time for your own safety

NicoAbraxas answered 9 months ago

Why is everyone dying of diabetes on sugar-island? Maybe because of the cane, and the very tasty cuisine. 😋

NicoAbraxas answered 9 months ago

.. Gulaab jamun .. 🤣

jik_lol answered 9 months ago

Menu is full of carb

wooshun67 answered 9 months ago

Not enough knowledge, plus the men seem to think it’s ok to drink smoke and eat sugary foods it’s being immature “ I don’t believe Doctore when he gives me news I don’t want to hear”

island_girl1 answered 9 months ago

Carbs, oil, deep friend everything, cakes, sweets, sugar, soda and sooooo little exercise

Turboost45 answered 9 months ago

Eski is the reason

Katen1023 answered 9 months ago

I mean have you seen the obesity rates for this country?
People eat way too much sugary, salty & greasy food and lead sedentary lifestyles.
I’ve noticed that people don’t know how to have a balanced diet & lifestyle.

Significant_Reward22 answered 9 months ago

Well yeah, mauritians in general have been conditioned by previous generations to cook unhealthy toxic foods.

For example refined carbs like bread, rice, oats.. these are heavily processed/ refined sugars.

And the worst part is how they cook at home.

For example: frying or sauté-ing vegetables in hydrogenenated vegetable seeds oil, then eating it with excess rice…. is super toxic. And let’s not dwelve into where their so called ‘vegetables’ are coming from..

Most people arent aware that the moment you fry any carbs in any kind of seeds oil, it becomes carcinogenic.
Now frying vegetables definitely kills most of the nutrients and make it toxic AF.

3 major cause of Any diseases are :
– refined carbs
– table salt
– hydrogenated vegetables seed oils.

Specially in mauritian/ asian context.

People eat excess of these, dont excercise, and don’t detoxify their organs.

Illustrious_Date8697 answered 9 months ago

In addition to eating a ton of sugar, I think the issue is just overeating in general.

When I moved to Canada, one of the things I changed was that I switched to a model where I ate twice a day and maybe had a light snack midday if I was hungry. Kind of IF but not very strict.

Keep in mind that I do lift and Ive gained a considerable amount of muscle mass. That said, it still boggles me how little food I actually need to eat.

Ive never looked or felt better

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