QuestionsGeneral-MiscWould insurance would use dashcam footage if someone crashes into you?
rubiblu asked 7 months ago

I've seen people with dashcams in Mauritius. I want to know if insurance would use the footage if someone crashes into you? If I get one it would be so that I could prove that someone crashed into me, for example. It seems like a good idea.If a dash cam is recommended, any recommendations, what is the most common set up here?

RedDemonCorsair answered 7 months ago

Dashcams are proof of the accident so that the other person cannot bullshit their way to make it your fault yeah. Would recommend.

Angrybird2025 answered 7 months ago

Agree 100 percent

yikaprio answered 7 months ago

And if you’re at fault, you totally have the right to not provide the footage.

pavit answered 7 months ago

It’s only to help with your case but legally any video or photo evidence is not admissible in court…

Dash cam footage only helps your insurance to understand the context of the situation, but if there’s a third party dispute with the other insurance, meaning that both insurance needs to go to court to settle the matter then said dash cam evidence cannot be used there…

What’s legally allowed are:

1. The signed à l’amiable form and both parties description of the accident in it
2. The yellow chalk markings on road
3. Actual road markings if they’re in your favour
4. Any other photo or video evidence that the police controls like safe city cameras
5. Actual impact and damages report of both vehicles

Saifali007 answered 7 months ago

Silvershop portlouis seems to have a range of dash cams

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