QuestionsGeneral-MiscYour thoughts on the recent myT internet speed upgrades?
ConfectionHot6345 asked 9 months ago

Recently, myT customers have expressed various opinions about their internet speeds not meeting the advertised standards. For instance, a user on the 100M data plan experienced approximately 45Mb on their smartphone but achieved around 90Mb on their laptop connected through ethernet. Could the experts in this community address these concerns, debunk any misconceptions, and share their opinions on this matter?

Hoper_21 answered 9 months ago

Same. MyT just announced a double in internet speed which means that my 50mbps should be upgraded to 100mbps if I’m not mistaken but keep getting the same 50mbps speed while running test.

saajidv answered 9 months ago

> For example on the 100M data plan someone got ~45Mb on their smartphone while getting ~90M on their laptop connected via ethernet.

Clearly an issue with the WiFi connection.

I’m guessing they connected their phone to the 2.4GHz network of the router. If the phone supports 5GHz WiFi, they should connect to the router’s 5GHz network, which has a higher data rate, and test again. This network usually has the _5G suffix on my.t routers. Another possible explanation would be WiFi interference, if they leave in a densely populated area.

The *internet* download speed should be 100M; that’s what they are seeing (or almost seeing) when connected via ethernet, so the speed has definitely been upgraded. However, the internet speed being upgraded doesn’t automatically mean that every single device on the network will be able to reach that maximum speed.

jik_lol answered 9 months ago

Hi here’s what I think
To get 100mbps over wireless, you need at least 802.11ac 5GHz WIFI over a 80Mhz channel width. I suspect your current router is running 802.11n 2.4GHz over a 20Mhz channel width. You won’t exceed 40Mbps with that.
As for the cable, at least you broke the 50Mbps barrier lol. You’ll get this speed if either you are using a Cat 5 cable or the laptop’s ethernet port is limited to 100mbps (e.g it’s an old laptop)
Contact myt on FB and see if they can upgrade/reconfigure your router.

Valspring12 answered 9 months ago

From the scenario you said its all because WIFi. Many people do not understand how WiFi works and it can be confusing.

If the phone is old and only support single band 2.4ghz wifi, the link speed itself is capped at 72mbps and that is max which you won’t get most of the time which validates the around 50mbps you said.

Ethernet can be a 100mpbs or 1 gbps link depending on the laptop.
These are the bottlenecks.

So if you want the best speed in WiFi at minimum you should use the 5ghz band. And if you want even more then invest in a WiFi 6 router.

Now regarding the Internet doubling, it’s great, am getting my 200 mbps on all my devices. (I have a WiFi 6 access point)

_DEATH_STR0KE_ answered 9 months ago

To test the speed. Turn off wifi on the router. Then plug your PC via Ethernet then run the test.

Everything else is dependent on the amount of devices connected concurrently using the router bandwidths and CPU power effectively reducing the real bandwidth.

Why myt still supply shitty huawei routers is beyond my understanding.

They should atleast give the option of buying better ones from their shop. I don’t like the idea of having two routers tbh.

AkabaneShin answered 9 months ago

I went to a telecom shop last week to query about the internet speed. The lady there confirmed that we would get the full 100mps speed via Lan cable, and that you need the latest wifi router which supports 5ghz network to fully enjoy the new speed. But yet, they dont want to give us the new router. Not sure how to proceed

Angrybird2025 answered 9 months ago

50 mbps is 1100 rs
100 mbps is 1200 rs
This is insane man
Double the speed for 100 rs difference. Naturally people will opt for 100 mbps and myt will slowly remove the 50 Mbps option.

NeKapS9 answered 9 months ago

The speed is max locally. It may not be the same from your device to another server in Europe. There is also wifi speed against internet connection speed which are two distinct aspects that many Mauritians confuse on.

If you use on a wired device, it excludes wifi issues.

Plus_Bed_8268 answered 9 months ago

Only ethernet cable and 5ghz can get the max speed and the 2.4ghz is capped in 200mbps 😶

Why the upload is so slow in mauritius. In some countries, the upload speed matches the download speed!

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