QuestionsMoney-ShoppingWhat underwater camera devices do you recommend?
Anonymous asked 9 months ago

6 weeks until we come to visit for our honeymoon! What underwater camera devices do you recommend please? We’ve looked at the go pro but wondered if anything cheaper that’s just as good Hope you can help📷

Patrick Louise answered 9 months ago

We use Go pro but if you go diving says will not work pass 10 meters deep but our is a 7 you might have to look at newer model May be a duty free might be cheaper

Christa Vanhecke answered 9 months ago

zea jewels makes golden en silver jewels on the dodo-theme

Lauren Elizabeth Taylor answered 9 months ago

We used a Muvi camera and worked great, cheaper version of a GoPro 🙂

Mauritius vip Tours & transfers answered 9 months ago

buy a goprp the best

Mary Jayne Watt answered 9 months ago

I’ve tried a few underwater cameras and buy cheap buy twice is the consensus imo. Ended up caving and buying a GoPro hero camera which is amazing. we’ve used on loads of other trips too just as a camera. Those little underwater waterproof bags are pretty good too although if the seal gets blocked with even a teeny bit of sand your phone is screwed

Richard Townsend answered 9 months ago

I got the Surfola action camera from amazon. Fantastic little camera. As well as waterproof you can run a time-lapse on it. This produces some amazing sunset videos.

Jon Reed answered 9 months ago

We used the water proof bag for phones was perfect 2 for £12 I think on Amazon

Yvette Palm answered 9 months ago

Just a word of advice, when you use the waterproof casing for any camera, rather make 100% sure you have new seals. I have not used my GoPro case for 3 months and when we went back to Mauritius, the first snorkel the case leaked. Had to buy a new GoPro.

Micaela Moroney answered 9 months ago

We fly out 6 weeks today for our honeymoon. We bought a cheaper camera for snorkelling/holidays etc that we used in the Maldives. Have been very happy with it, easy to use and good quality photos and videos. Will check make and post later.

Wanda Bester Ackerman answered 9 months ago

I bought a cheaper little camera, it was crap. Then got a GoPro10. Its awesome! Get an extra battery and a dual battery charger. You’ll thank me later…

Honestly, don’t bother with anything else. I looked at Insta cameras and a bunch of other cheaper ones. It’s not worth a) the hassle of downloading your pics to share it and b) the quality of the images.

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