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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Anyone travelling to Mauritius from Northern Ireland, do NOT bring Northern Ireland money to exchange as the banks will not accept it. I’ve tried three banks this morning and none of them will accept. They do not recognise Sterling in Northern Irish notes. Fortunately I brought English Money. I did complain to them that this wasn’t right as it’s still Sterling. But NO. 😡

Billy Long answered 9 months ago

Can’t you put your card into an ATM and draw money?

Helen Brown answered 9 months ago

Tbh most places in England won’t take NI money either! My hubbie is from there and when we visit and accidentally bring some back I have to change it at the bank!!

Elaine Hewitt answered 9 months ago

We had the same with Scottish notes. Luckily we were able to withdraw cash from the ATM.

Leigh Curry answered 9 months ago

Or Turkish lira was refused at airport

Sandra Muss answered 9 months ago

Have you tried Shibani Exchange?

Cindy Lemince answered 9 months ago

Why would you think that would be accepted, seriously.

Helen Kelly answered 9 months ago

Just use your debit card and withdraw at local ATM

Alexandria Banks answered 9 months ago

I had a bit of problem changing 50 pound note, I managed to do it at the airport

Sandra Gadd answered 9 months ago

When you change money at the airport can you use your debit card or do you need to take sterling?

Martin Bashforth answered 9 months ago

To he fair, many English shops are scared of Irish and Scottish notes too so irs hardly surprising that a country a few thousand miles away is put off.
Not right I know but hey ho

Thaven Moonesawmy answered 9 months ago

GBP pounds are exchanged here

Sarah Lake answered 9 months ago

Don’t take Scottish either, they don’t accept those notes also.

Doug Horrigan answered 9 months ago

Scottish money isn’t legal tender outside of Scotland. The same is probably true for northern Irish

Kunal Ramdonee answered 9 months ago

Go to bank of Mauritius in port Louis..they will change it for you

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