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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Hi everyone! ✌🏻 I'll be visiting Mauritius soon and I'm unsure about which currency to bring. Is it fine to only have Euros or should I convert them to USD? I appreciate any advice given.

Nicole Speiser-Remp answered 9 months ago

Use your card, it will be accepted nearly everywhere, and there are also plenty of ATMs where you will get Rupies up to 200 Euro

John Hadi answered 9 months ago

You have what you like to gave. Must change it at Port Louis

Neetesh Iyapah answered 9 months ago

Don’t change to dollar bring euro and change in Mauritius at the airport

Kunal Pertaub answered 9 months ago

You can come with euro or any major currencies.

Lisa Evans 'Dominick' answered 9 months ago

Change at the airport

Faizul Rohomun answered 9 months ago

Any will do

Suren J Jag answered 9 months ago

£ is just fine

Dave Ellis answered 9 months ago

Interesting – why did you think dollar?

Aktaar Mohammad answered 9 months ago

its ok

Sonia Picano answered 9 months ago

Des euros ça suffit ça se change très bien la bas

Leander Attic answered 9 months ago

Just bring Euros, its going to be fine. And you can withdraw cash in MUR from most terminals without it burning a hole in your pocket. Good currency exchange in Port Louis and around Quatres Bornes which give best ratest too. Cheers

Carolyn Parkinson answered 9 months ago

US dollars aren’t the currency of Mauritius so Mauritian rupees are used for tipping and we use cards for everything else. We book trips via hotel and is added to our bill 🤷‍♀️

Ashley Scott-Crossley answered 9 months ago

Does not matter what you bring, you will have to change it to Mauritian Rupees anyways, so Euro or Dollar is fine.

Gert Stephanus Maritz answered 9 months ago

Cash is probably best for markets, etc, correct?

Chris Swanlund answered 9 months ago

Mauritius has it’s own currency

Riezve Soniassy answered 9 months ago

Why bother carrying cash. Your credit card is just enough – and safer. Some Credit Cards such as Revolut do not have any extra charge when withdrawing or paying in foreign currency.

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