QuestionsMoney-ShoppingIs 5* uva sun tan lotion cheap to buy in Mauritius?
Anonymous asked 8 months ago

Hi, is 5* uva sun tan lotion cheap to buy in Mauritius or should I bring plenty with me?

Neil Wilson answered 8 months ago

You need a bank liad to buy it in mauritius or sell a Kidney

Trace G Thorp answered 8 months ago

Expensive, bring your own

Josee Pelser answered 8 months ago

Rather bring your own

Tina Langridge answered 8 months ago

Take it with you. Very expensive otherwise.

Sharon Bridge answered 8 months ago

Thanks everyone. I will bring it with us. I was just trying to avoid wasting luggage allowance. I’ll just put it all in my husband’s case 😁

Shreya Deborah answered 8 months ago

Bring with you. These are expensive. Everything is expensive here and difficult to get them as well.

Lynne Lynne Sookdawar answered 8 months ago

I d advise you to bring not only that but also shampoos, does, conditioner, shower gel whatever as these are generally a lot more pricey here. For example, my Elseve shampoo costs around 225 rupees

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