QuestionsMoney-ShoppingMost cost effective way to transfer money from MCB mur to an european account in eur ?
Zbeuj asked 3 weeks ago

Hello, everything is in the title, I just saw that Wise does not support MUR currency for international transfers. Thanks

indominus_rex007 answered 3 weeks ago

IBAN Transfer imo

I don’t trust third-party financial institutions , websites, or apps with my money.

streamer3222 answered 3 weeks ago

Unfortunately in Mauritius it’s like this. You don’t ‘convert’ your currency. You buy dollars from banks. This is also true for online purchases. If you desire a $10 product. You don’t pay $10 = ₨ 430. Oh no, you buy a dollar for ₨ 47 then absa sends the $10 to America.

Sadly, the MUR is not a strong currency and therefore no financial platform supports it. You will have to buy dollars everywhere you go and use those. ☹️

baracad answered 3 weeks ago

Have you tried Remitly? It was one of the best rates.

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