QuestionsSports-ActivitiesWill the ocean be calm for snorkeling in 2 weeks?
Anonymous asked 2 months ago

Hello, I understand that weather is beyond our control. We will be arriving at the Shandrani in 2 weeks and I wanted to ask if the ocean will be calm enough for snorkeling and if the sun will be shining. Thank you in advance! ☀️

Nethy Chunwan answered 2 months ago

Depends on the days, but surely you’ll get the chance to do the activities while you are here. You can do inland activities if it is too windy for sea activities. Check Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel

Bertram Kantor answered 2 months ago

14 days in advance……get a crystal ball?

Martin Beffert - Mauritius answered 2 months ago

The ocean inside the lagoons is always calm, and the sun is there for sure!

Linley Louise answered 2 months ago

We don’t know about tomorrow. So very difficult to answer you…as I always say…Crystal ball

Shalini Ramkhalawon answered 2 months ago

You can check on weather in the indian ocean and get an idea of the days when you will be here.
Anyway the hotel will inform you when the weather is not good for snorkeling. They have a boathouse,you can always ask for advice before going out in the sea

Shariffa Karimjee answered 2 months ago

When we were last there I wished we’d brought wetsuits.

Rolland Souche answered 2 months ago

Pour le temps dans 15 jours… vous conseille la boule de cristal .

Karen McGovern answered 2 months ago

We swam in the sea ok. It was cool but we are used to the temperatures of North Wales! We snorkelled off the boat on a trip and were swept away and struggled to get back, so I would be careful if you were to go further out

Mackbool Soobratty answered 2 months ago

no sun at all , bring yr flashlight

Lynne Johnston answered 2 months ago

If its too windy to go on the snorkeling boat trip you can snorkel off the beach in front of the Le Sirius bar where it is more sheltered, and honestly the snorkeling at high tide is just as good. Can’t comment on the water temperature as we were there in May and the water temp was perfect. Hope you have a wonderful holiday

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