QuestionsSports-ActivitiesCan someone assist me with what to bring on a boat trip?
Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Can someone assist me with what to bring on a boat trip? We want to pack light but also have everything we need. I'm considering what to wear in and out of the water and if people usually change clothes. It's been 15 years since I've traveled abroad.

Jacques Clarel Lamothe answered 9 months ago

Lou Redgrave has given you top tips also I know it’s hard but avoid direct sunlight 12.00-14.00

Rosabie Anton-Sattel answered 9 months ago

Pareo and Second Bikini if yours get wet

Jayne Hampton answered 9 months ago

Always wear swimwear- I always use a zip up rash vest in the water.
Take towels with you as it can be cool when travelling when you’ve come out if water.
Snorkelling gear- or check your skipper has it. Eric at Speedboatseaduction has a selection if you havnt got your own.

Chris Honn answered 9 months ago

Towel, one long sleeve shirt to wear over the swim wear as a sun or wind protection (depends on the weather), sunglasses, a short or a beach skirt and of course sunscreen and a cap.

Tina Gooranah answered 9 months ago

Wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy

Preyvin Sookun answered 9 months ago

If you are on a Catamaran AI
then all food and drinks provided
A hat yes

Nilesh Callychurn answered 9 months ago

Lady Taxi Service can you please help

Bhunty Seedam answered 9 months ago

At least a towel.. If you plan to swim or snorkeling of course your swim suit..

Deb Johnstone answered 9 months ago

Cover up for shoulders, sunscreen, (hat if your a hat person), towel, sunglasses, snorkeling gear ( if you don’t want to share) and a dry change of dress/shorts and top.
..and a whole load of wow openness to a brilliant experience 😀 😊

Teresa Meredith answered 9 months ago

We had a couple of microfiber towels which we found really useful on trips out – as already mentioned lots of suncream !

Alexandria Banks answered 9 months ago

Have a wonderful time, there isn’t anything else to add.. perhaps ziplock bags

Kirsty Leanne answered 9 months ago

Wear your swim suit under a dress etc so you’re ready to get straight in the water. Plus won’t really be anywhere to change.
Take a towel, suncream, sea shoes if you want, sunglasses, sea sick tablets.
Maybe spare dry clothes to change into after

Lauren Stoffels answered 9 months ago

Like everyone has said, Sunscreen! Sunglasses, hat (although if it’s a Speedboat it can blow off)
I burn easily so if it’s in the hottest part of the day I wear a rash vest and lycra leggings over my swimsuit and take a light beach dress to put over that in case we stop on any islands. A bag/backpack for towels, camera, phone. Bonus points if it’s water resistant just in case of splashes. We also take our snorkeling gear. Snacks and drinks if it’s a longer trip.
Money for tips.

Dave England answered 9 months ago

Loads of sunscreen!

Suzanne Whitter answered 9 months ago

I took towels, hotel had them for us to take and use. Sunscreen, camera, bottle of water and a little money just in case and to potentially tip. I just wore shorts and a strappy top over my swimwear but took a loose t-shirt in case I wanted to cover my shoulders. Popped my strappy top back on after drying off a bit and just waited for the bottom half to dry before putting shorts back on. Husband took himself and his sunglasses!! 😂😂
Enjoy, they’re great fun.

Nicole Speiser-Remp answered 9 months ago

Just make sure that they provide water, otherwise take plenty with you.
Sunglasses, tshirt , suncream towels ,snorchelling equipment, if you get sea sick medication, mobile for pictures and music, a hat to cover your head

Patrick Louise answered 9 months ago

Just make sure you don’t get burnt as sun is stronger then it looks

Lou Redgrave answered 9 months ago

I always wear swim wear and a beach dress over the top and take a towel and bag for things like sea shoes, snorkels, cameras, any money if you need to take any and sun cream etc. I’ve never changed on the boat, you’d only have the privacy/space to on a bigger catamaran that has a toilet anyway. I either just sit in my swim swear and let the sun dry me out or sit with my towel wrapped around me.

Vix Kennedy answered 9 months ago

I live on a boat. Water shoes are a must for spiky stony things. Leggings or shorts that can be rolled up, extra fluids as you get super thirsty on the sea, sunblock as you might not feel how hot it actually is with the sea breeze, a hat to prevent sun glare headaches (also more fluids) Earl Grey tea for nausea, sunglasses as that sea can be like a mirror, a cardigan as when you’re on the move it can get a bit chilly, towel

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