QuestionsTourism-AdviceCan we bring tramadol and insulin to Mauritius?
Anonymous asked 2 months ago

Hello, my husband takes regular tramadol and insulin. Can we bring these with us? I have tried researching it but can't find the information I need. Thank you.

Wayne Kennedy answered 2 months ago

Just pack in ur case no one asked what you are carrying

Satish Ramiah answered 2 months ago

Of course if your husband is a type 1 diabetes, he is allowed to take his insulin with him . Tramadol is a controlled drug, so long as he has a doctor’s prescription, he should be ok
Enjoy your vacation

Jan Laws answered 2 months ago

I found this, hopefully it might help you regarding the tramadol.
My husband is type1 and we’ve travelled to Dubai a few times. All his medication goes in hand luggage (in case your hold luggage goes missing) and he carries a copy of his repeat prescription. Hope you get sorted x

Sanjana Kalichurns answered 2 months ago

Copy of repeat prescription. Don’t forget

Karen Wilson answered 2 months ago

Thanks everyone. Was tramadol I was worried about . I will make sure he had prescription. We don’t go till Nov but want it all sorted. So we don’t need anything for tramadol other than prescription ?

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