QuestionsTourism-AdviceFlacq market or Port-Louis market?
Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Hi, I'm currently on the east side. I was wondering if the markets are better in Flacq or Port Louis, and which days are the most recommended. Thanks!

Kamala Awotar answered 9 months ago

On Wednesdays and Sundays, Flacq market. The best if you like crowd, noise, colours and folkloric life. It’s a tourists delight 😊.

Kesh Ramsurn answered 9 months ago

Visit Both. Well worth it.
While at Port Louis, Visit Caudan

Neetesh Iyapah answered 9 months ago

Port Louis and it’s a better day out

Nis Rah Arts answered 9 months ago

Both are amazing.

Vict Dupuis answered 9 months ago

Port louis à part les légumes et fruits marché central

Niresh Rj answered 9 months ago

Port louis

Krystyna Veerasamy answered 9 months ago

Flacq market

Margaret Mulvey answered 9 months ago

About the same, Port Louis is inside, whereas Flacq is a little more airy, but both worth a visit, even if you don’t buy anything. Flacq market is on Weds and Sunday.

Mo Sa Oakden answered 9 months ago

I hated flacq market. Wasn’t my cup of tea at all!

Kerensa Gibson answered 9 months ago

Just to upset apple cart, we visited flacq yesterday and did not enjoy at all ! Walked round the corner though to the shopping mall and thoroughly enjoyed that !

Barbara Rebecca Elkaz answered 9 months ago

Flacq market on Wednesday and Sunday are big , Loud , colorful and nice …as markets ought to be

Indira Bond answered 9 months ago

Flacq i think port louis the market well if u visit u will find the difference

Jamël MëlJa answered 9 months ago

Port Louis market

Sandra Allum Dhondea answered 9 months ago

Flacq is Wednesday I believe. Why travel to the other side of the Island. We’re currently in the east and will go to Flacq.

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