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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Hello... currently in Mauritius, I wanted to inform smokers to be cautious in public as the police will immediately issue a fine if they catch you smoking. I personally received two warnings, one outside the airport and another in Port Louis.

Nawsheen Bhewa answered 9 months ago

If you want to smoke you need to look for a smoking zone.

Sonia Witkowska answered 9 months ago

Or maybe stop smoking

Mag Dallimore answered 9 months ago

Glad I’ve given up smoking!

Hemant Ramdass answered 9 months ago

It depends on how you smoke. Just try not to make messy smokes and they will not even notice it 🙂

Jill Kilworth answered 9 months ago

Oh noooo after an overnight flight we will need one lol
Thankyou I have a disposable ashtray never just throw them away after use will obviously be respectful and stick to the rules

Tracy La-Dell answered 9 months ago

Oh well that’s just put me off considering booking/visiting the island.
Before anyone says anything, it is not as easy just to stop.

Alison Davies answered 9 months ago

Oh I’m so glad to hear there’s no public smoking in Mauritius! As an Aussie used to smoke free zones we can’t stand it when we travel and get surrounded by plumes of smoke at bars and restaurants etc. glad to hear this won’t happen when we visit!

You can’t smoke anywhere public, or alone in your own car.
You have to be 20 meters away from any door or window, banned on the beach.
However, you can smoke in designated sections in hotel.

Daniel Frisk answered 9 months ago

”Warned” twice AND still not geting the message?

Just follow the laws. Not that hard.

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