QuestionsTourism-AdviceI want to travel to Mauritius – what are the procedures?
Anonymous asked 1 month ago

I want to travel to Mauritius
What are the procedures?

Rose Anton-Sattel answered 1 month ago

You buy a Flight Ticket and book a hôtel.

Aure Lie answered 1 month ago

A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of return, a travel ticket in/out..

Bob Abrams answered 1 month ago

Get your passport
Go to the airport
Check in
Go through to airport lounge
Get on plane
Take off
Get off plane
Go through passport control
Arrive at hotel
Boom procedure completed

Chad Steele answered 1 month ago

1. google
2. repeat

Chris Waldon answered 1 month ago

Get a decent raft

Loris Gamba answered 1 month ago

That is the best question ever.
Well done boy.

Jacques Peroumal answered 1 month ago


Lemarin Bossingwa answered 1 month ago


Mohur Lall Chummun answered 1 month ago

From where you are..?

Gary Emmanuel Florian answered 1 month ago

Bizin kon zaP avan rentre

Aj Ajmal answered 1 month ago

Send me a ticket, i will come to explain personally with images

Jonid Dowlut answered 1 month ago

1.Get permission from wife
2. Go to travel agent or book trip online
3. If 1 is negative, buy some crisps, sit on sofa and hold on to remote control

John Folly answered 1 month ago

Book your holiday then follow standard procedures

Russell Gill answered 1 month ago

Doesn’t most of the world? 🙄🙄

Eraina Pope answered 1 month ago

Contact a travel agent

Ashwan Meettook answered 1 month ago

Book a flight to Rodrigue Island then from there you take a boat(Pirogue) to Mauritius, the locals will help you there..

Andi Dee Luxe answered 1 month ago

Buy a suitcase 😉

Susan Roe Harris answered 1 month ago

Don’t forget to download and print off a Locator form. It is a Must on entry to the passport control.
If you do not have it with you. You shall have to line up again and use computers and printers there and infill. Then queue to passport control again.
Upon leaving passport control you then queue at a health queue show your passport and state when you are staying.make life easy.
Mauritius is incredible.
Buy tickets, book hotel off you go.

Susan Roe Harris answered 1 month ago

Ensure passport isnm at least 6 months in date also.
We went last November pure magic.

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    Owing to a heavy presence of Indians on the island, Bhojpuri is a widespread native language spoken by a sizeable chunk of Mauritians. Bhojpuri music is on the rise in Mauritius owing to the surging popularity of Bhojpuri bands such as The Bhojpuri Boys.
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