QuestionsMoney-ShoppingWas I scammed at a Shell Petrol Station in Port Louis?
User asked 2 months ago

I recently visited a Shell Petrol Station in Port Louis. The displayed price was around 1600mru, but when I paid with my MasterCard, the price changed to 2300mru. At the same time, the price on the display also changed. I asked the petrol attendant why this happened, and he simply said I had to pay the higher price. Is this some kind of scam targeting tourists or an additional charge for credit card payments?

Sarah Lake answered 2 months ago

You always need to stand and watch the meter to be sure.
Most garages don’t accept cards, only some do.
Some have a percentage fee, they charge on top and some don’t charge.

Sailesh Jeebun answered 2 months ago

He basically scammed you. Credit card charges isn’t that high. You should file a report

Calvin Solay Caulee answered 2 months ago

I know some station charge like 3% if you using your card but that much is just unacceptable.

Benjamin Singer answered 2 months ago

I was Standing next to the Meter and saw how the Price Changed, but i didnt want to call the Police or sth Like that, as it was Not to much Money…

Mohamad Shafick Surfaly answered 2 months ago

Highly impossible go to report to the nearby police station as soon as possible

Faranda Peerbocus answered 2 months ago

Seriously???? I wouldn’t mind paying what it should be , any changes it’s better get informed before hand not after ….

Yassir Greenhike answered 2 months ago

At shell there is 2 type of petrol now. The v power is more expensive.

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