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Anonymous asked 7 months ago

I’m flying to Mauritius on Saturday and staying on the west of the island! 🤩
What’s the weather like at the moment? The local weather app we use is saying thunderstorms for the next 2 weeks! Hoping it’s not accurate 🤞

Irovini Muni answered 7 months ago

West stays more than perfect

Tax Xax answered 7 months ago

Yes rain and zyklon season between December and March !

Sylvie Baudoux answered 7 months ago

Encore et toujours la météo… 🙄🤷‍♀️

Denise Mccaughran answered 7 months ago

I’m just come back lovely weather enjoy we ate cold freeze uk

Frances Bentham answered 7 months ago

I’ve been on the island a week and the weather seems the same most days , very changeable, sometimes sunny then clouds then grey then an hour later blue skies . I’ve been in blue bay and currently in flic an flac . I try to plan my days but hard because some things I want to do are weather dependent and it’s definitely Not guaranteed. It is hot though🤣🤣🤣

Sandrine Saint-etienne answered 7 months ago

Bonjour. Ne vous inquiétez pas trop à l’avance. Pour nous, heureusement, arrivés sur place en septembre, le temps était totalement différent que ce que l’on avait vu avant de partir. Et dites vous également que le soleil revient très vite après la pluie à Maurice. Bon séjour à vous

Neil Laifang answered 7 months ago

Forecast can change from 1 day to the other…and sometimes rain helps with the heat..west coast is he one with less rain though. I’m mauritian. Have a nice stay and welcome to Mauritius.

Caron Du Plessis answered 7 months ago

Hi Chloe, bring that bikini girl, it’s hot as hell here. I’ve been here a month and had 1 day of bleh weather despite the scary forecast. 🌞🌻👌

Yasheen Hajeesheriff answered 7 months ago

Its sooo hot. Beautiful weather ❤🇲🇺

Nigel Heyes answered 7 months ago

Don’t worry about the weather…enjoy the beautiful island of Mauritius

Chris Swanlund answered 7 months ago

I just left Flic En Flac. I was there for 10 days. My weather app said rain every day and I think it actually rained on 2 days and only for a few minutes.

Preyvin Sookun answered 7 months ago

Take am umbrella with you in case it rains while you are out

Thierry Guimbeau answered 7 months ago

Expecting heavy showers Saturday and Sunday, maybe monday too

Prem Chetan Gopall answered 7 months ago

Saturday and Sunday it will be rainy on the west coast

Razvan Abagiu answered 7 months ago

Yeah. It’s a storm alright.

Nicci Lawrence answered 7 months ago

I’ve just come back from the west side after 2 weeks there and the weather was torrential rain for first 3 days. No sun at all. Then very mixed so sun for an hour then mostly heavy cloud. The last 3 days was hit and sunny but clouded over by mid afternoon most days. Was 30 degrees though x

Lorraine Sands answered 7 months ago

We’ve been here since Sunday and the weather hasn’t been the best, it’s been quite overcast and showers, yesterday was the best day since we arrived

I’ve used quite a few weather apps and non seem to be accurate x

Barry Mole answered 7 months ago

Balaclava at Le Jardis North or Port Louis. Glorious last two weeks with little rain.

Val Pinkney answered 7 months ago

A week here, one day with some heavy rain , didn’t last long, hot but cloudy at times in Grand Baie. Was expecting rain every day from the forecasts!

Green Boat Trip answered 7 months ago

Now at île aux cerfs🇲🇺🌞😎

Karen Thornley answered 7 months ago

We are in the North at the moment, my weather app was the same, rain rain rain but its definitely HOT HOT HOT 🔥

Richard Magnus answered 7 months ago

It’s lovely and sunny now but rain is forecast for Saturday. We have had a little rain in the last 2 weeks but almost perfect sun and 30 degrees every day 👌👌🤩🌴🌴

We have a cloudy, rainy and thunderstorm weekend coming up.

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