QuestionsTourism-AdviceIs weather in Mauritius good in May for family holiday?
Anonymous asked 2 months ago
We have a two-week holiday booked for May 2025 at Long Beach on the east coast. Wondering about potential weather concerns and whether we should pay admin fees to change. Any advice on the typical weather for May? We hope for good weather, as we experienced constant rain in Thailand. Reviews mentioning bad weather are making me worry. Any suggestions for family-friendly excursions with our 4-year-old twin girls would be appreciated. Thank you in advance! 🙂
Kasia Leng answered 2 months ago

We are coming back from Long Beach and I would pay to move to the other side of the island. We had rain every day. And not just a little bit. For the first three days it was raining all night till around 11am. Loads of rain in the day as well.

Karen Sinclair answered 2 months ago

Hi we came 28th may Tuesday it rained until Saturday 1st June

Nicola Kelly answered 2 months ago

I’m on the east coast atm weather has been mixed, couple of cloudy days due to anticyclone, yes it’s breezy but actually it’s quite a welcome breeze, this is todays weather

Nethy Chunwan answered 2 months ago

You cannot control the weathee, with climate change, it is very changing every where in the world Mauritius is small, if it rains, you can move quickly and spend a day in another area where it is sunny, it is usually not over the island that it is raining at the same time.

Bryan Terasawmy answered 2 months ago

The 5 islands Discovery trip with them. 🐬🐒🐢

Carolyn Parkinson answered 2 months ago

We got home on 10/5 we have travelled at that time for 2 weeks for last 11 years. I still have a tan. We had a morning of cloud. Couple of windy days and an overnight of rain once! We always stay north west or south west 🤷‍♀️

Long Beach Mauritius Taxi Service answered 2 months ago

5 islands with Johaness Cruises

Sabrina Blum answered 2 months ago

We were in the west of the island from May 21st to May 31st. The weather was very mixed. In the east of the island it rained a lot and was very windy. I would recommend booking a hotel in the west.

Emma Armstrong answered 2 months ago

We’re here now at Lux Belle Mare on the East coast and it has been mixed. It has however been very warm every day – high 20s. We arrived Monday and so far:
Monday – mostly sun with some clouds, 1 shower
Tuesday – mostly sunny with some clouds a very light shower
Wednesday – cloudy
Thursday – cloudy with an afternoon heavy rain
Friday – cloudy with intermittent sun but more clouds than sun, very light showers (10 min)
Saturday – mostly sunny with some clouds
Sunday – due to be same as today

So out of a week we’ve had 4 good days, 2 ok and 1 bad. It is a tropical island so this is what I was expecting. But if you want wall to wall sunshine it’s not like that – it’s much more like the UK but about 10 degrees hotter 🤣. It’s not like going to Greece or Turkey with dry med climates.

Prior to our arrival the east wasn’t great – last week was very wet apparently – but west coast was better. Maybe look at switching to Sugar Beach if you stick with May? At least for one of the weeks.

We were in Dubai for a few days before here so got plenty of sun there which helped.

However speaking to the locals May is not the best time to come really and will be like this as it is season changeover, which is the opposite to what the travel companies say (I was told May was a great time!). Oct-Dec are really good – nice, warm with low cyclone chance

Jun-Aug windy/cooler but still hot for us brits but much less rain/cloud apparently 🤷‍♀️

Tara Kemp answered 2 months ago

If you’re hiring a car you can get out and about – there isn’t a lot to do at Long Beach when it rains. I’ve been to Long Beach April and August. I’ve been lucky both times as arrived to rain but had only the odd short sharp shower during my stay. They get anticyclones on the island and it can hang around for days … there’s no way of knowing for next May. We’re heading to the Grand Baie area this August

Guynael Isabelle answered 2 months ago

Highly recommend Green Boat Trip for the 5 islands tours 🇲🇺👌👍💚💚

Annelies Van Beest answered 2 months ago

If you consider changing to another month, i do not recommend booking between Dec and March. Very hot and humidity level is extremely high. I live here on the east coast and i do love our winter but i can imagine you don’t want to stay when weather is patchy !

Shimmy Vandayar answered 2 months ago

As u say anything is better than Scottish weather.

Sophia Dunkley answered 2 months ago

Go to sugar beach instead on the west coast, we just had two weeks there with our 1 year old and weather was lovely everyday apart from the day we went home!

Krishna Harry answered 2 months ago

Rain for 2 to 3 hours and then sun will be here.wind may be there but long beach is very nice hotel and place to stay.may 2025 is long way though

Aktaar Mohammad answered 2 months ago

Gary Hopkins highly recommend you Mauritius vip Tours & transfers for kids ideas 💡

Siobhan Nicholls answered 2 months ago

We were at Salt on the East Coast last May. We had lots of sunshine, it can be a bit windy on that coast but wasn’t really an issue for us. We had one day where we had showers in resort & the morning we went on the 5 island trip we were trying to out run the rain. But it soon passed & was a great day out. We used Appollon Cruises, the guys name is MacLeod. You’ll see him on the beach. We found him much less pushy than some of the other vendors.

Catherine Brocard answered 2 months ago

Allez au Nord moins de pluie et de vent surtout en mai

Richard Hall answered 2 months ago

Just come back from long beach. Loved it, weather up and down best advice rent a car go exploring. This is our 4th time in Mauritius will be back next year

Naf Sai answered 2 months ago

Hello Gary Hopkins do check Mauritius Tour Guide about what is a must to do thank you see you soon ❤️❤️❤️🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

Sarah Bourne answered 2 months ago

We were at Long Beach 5-10 may it was poor weather
It was like a permanent cloud was over the resort
It wasn’t breezy more gale force lol

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