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Anonymous asked 8 months ago

Just came back from Thee Island. Still basking, I tell you..still basking🥰 Long post loading First piece of advice - Relax. Enjoy. Welcome to paradise. To new travellers, particularly in the North - everything is a bus ride away. If you take a taxi or are approached by a taxi driver (we were the only black folk in sight, meaning we were most likely tourists, from SA, and they preyed on it...we fell for the exorbitant pricing initially ) - please please ( I cannot stress enough) know reasonable pricing. Don't accept taxi rides on your first or second day until you know what the bus costs. Make sure you confirm before climbing into a taxi or you will pay!!! A combi driver made us pay 1000 rupees each for a short trip that would have cost us less than 40rupees each!! Buses come every 15 minutes. On time, everytime! Other than that, the North is great! Trou Aux Biches is great! Close to everything. Best bauguette, best during the week. Weekends get full. If you are AirBnBing rather go to Grand Baie for supplies. Bigger supermarket, generally better price. Grand Baie is great. Lots of local and more international shopping. Loads of sea side restaurants. Undersea walks. Cruises. You must go to Njoy for night time dancing and good vibes! Book ahead. If you are travelling to Port Louis from the North, rather take and budget for a taxi (or car hire) and guide! We got so lost. Grand Gaube is BEAUTIFUL. But far from any activity. Water is full of sea cucumbers🤢. I would go again but only for 'romantic' purposes. It's probably the best place to spend the last night or two of your trip to un-holiday from your holiday. Its a lovely romantic fishermans village. Great for IG pics, especially when the tide lowers in the afternoon/evening time. Learn french, please. Even the basics. EVERYONE speaks french. It makes everything so much easier. Planning next year's trip already. End September/ early October was great weather... Stella Clavisque Maris Indici👊🏿 Merci Ile Maurice👊🏿OneAfrika👊🏿MauritiusIsDelicious👊🏿

Mary Clifford Pickering answered 8 months ago

Very informative,thanks Isabel Adeyy useful for us

Lts Nmr answered 8 months ago

Where did you stay fellow SA here 🤗

Charles Thomas answered 8 months ago

Glad to see my islands being talked about when I first came to Australia 44 years ago people asked where are u from
Where they said??

Miranda Uckiah answered 8 months ago

Merci heaucoup for sharing your experience. I’ll save it. Welcome back.

Rosemay Fangyen answered 8 months ago

A mostly overlooked part of Mauritius is Albion! It is just so very pretty there! Swimming in the coves or jumping off the rocks is an unforgettable experience.
You’ll get beautiful photos from there, with a lighthouse in the background!

Kim Courtois answered 8 months ago

Great post, merci 🥰

Krystyna Veerasamy answered 8 months ago

Grand Baie to Port Louis no need for a taxi – the express air con bus runs direct!

Joanna Kuzelewska answered 8 months ago

Thank you for sharing! A lot of useful information helping others to make their stay unforgettable without breaking the bank. This is the essence of this forum.

Nico van Vuuren answered 8 months ago

love the buses..all locals and everybody friendly and assisting

Sim Lushka answered 8 months ago

Not everyone speak french only! They speak English too 😉

Maria Csongor answered 8 months ago

We’ll stay at Veranda Grand Baie and tried to find bus stops to SSR Botanique garden and/or to PL. Unfortunately all the stops are so far away from the hotel that I shall have to take a taxi I think. Any advise?

Carolyn Parkinson answered 8 months ago

We stay in west and actually when went north for a change found more spoke English compared to west. Hubby fluent in French 😊

Neha Mahadeb answered 8 months ago

I second the statement of travelling by bus in areas that you can as some taxi drivers will rip you off. If you are not sure of the bus timetable, you can ask locals and they will advise. But always make sure you are asking about the taxi fare before boarding.

Kathryn Hitchen answered 8 months ago

We stayed in grand Baie , bus to Port Louis only 48 rupees each and always one available , no waiting and it’s an experience.

Connie Alexander answered 8 months ago

What a nice report. Next time come to the West. Busses, and you can get the train from Phoenix to Curepipe and Port Louis. Flic an flac has a beautiful long beach.

Patrick Louise answered 8 months ago

Next time come west of island

Marta Drzewińska answered 8 months ago

What place in Grand Baie for dancing?

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