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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

We are planning to have our wedding in Mauritius next year and our hotel is taking care of the arrangements. However, we need to handle our own legal documents. Can anyone suggest if it's better to seek assistance or if it's manageable to do it ourselves in Port Louis? Is taking a taxi the most convenient option? Any information on taxi fares from Trou aux Biches to Port Louis would be appreciated. Thank you.

Benazir Kiani answered 9 months ago

Normally at the hotel, they have a staff who handles all this. They even organise somebody from the government to come to the hotel for your civil wedding.

Yashpal Murrakhun answered 9 months ago

Your hotel will easily assist

Angie Spry answered 9 months ago

We got married last week and paid extra for the Wedding Planner Mauritius to help with all the legal stuff. We are so glad we did as firstly we would have struggled to find the correct places (three different places we had to go to), secondly know which paperwork we needed and how to fill it in and finally to know what fees to pay and to whom.

Gin Hillier answered 9 months ago

I think you may have misunderstood. We got married last month. Your hotel (if arranging your wedding) will assign you a wedding planner, they are worth their weight in gold! You get told you must sort your legal documents but that means having originals of your birth certificate, issued no more than 3 months before (you must purchase new ones), divorce papers (if applicable) passports etc THEY then make contact with you 12wks before your trip & you scan those documents to them to submit in Mauritius. You take the originals. Your wedding planner at the hotel will then arrange your trip to both offices one morning & your driver will accompany you inside & pay the fees etc, this was all included with our wedding. I would clarify with your booking agent or contact the hotel and ask for your message to go to the wedding planner.
You’ll have the best wedding, they make everything beautiful…

Rob Griffiths answered 9 months ago

Hi , we get married in 2 weeks there and I’ve been dealing with a company called summertimes who the hotel passed us on to . Super helpful people

Please ask your hotel to assist you, it’s extremely hard to get this done alone.
They will have somebody they will be able to use.

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