QuestionsTourism-AdviceWe have booked a flight in June/July. Did we make a mistake?
Anonymous asked 8 months ago

We have booked a flight in June/July. Now many say to us is not a good time visiting Mauritius 🥺🤔 they say it is cold you cant swim and there is not much sun.

Christian Lee answered 8 months ago

Best time is Sept /October..
No cylone, no flash flood, no high humidity… Not too cold water..

Sarah Jane South answered 8 months ago


Tania Heid answered 8 months ago

Just choose an accommodation in the north or in the west. It’ll be fine. East coast will be indeed too cold because of the wind.

Annie Petal answered 8 months ago

I visited in July for 3 weeks & had 2 full days of rain only.
Sunbathed, swam & out & about in lovely warm weather.

Fed Legrand answered 8 months ago

If 20-25 degrees C is cold for you then yeah not the best time, also in winter we can have occasional light showers but not heavy rain.

Thomas Smart answered 8 months ago

They have right. Sundown is earlie, days are short.

Jenni Lynne answered 8 months ago

Mostly it’s fantastic in June / July and we swam every day. We had no rain. Of course you never know as weather anytime of the year is a chance. Rainy season is usually January to March. Stormy season is mild and usually November December.
You’ll be fine.

Liliane Wan answered 8 months ago

July : hotels and sightseeing are on promotion. You will spend
less than summer.

Moireen Van Staden answered 8 months ago

It’s never cold here. We south african and have had to go through harsh winters in SA. Here it’s short clothing all year round. It’s always very warm to very hot. 😀 Hope this helps. We in the west. Also hardly get any rain this side.

Anne Felmingham answered 8 months ago

We went in July this year, stayed on the west coast. Weather was absolutely fine, from the UK so ideal temp. We were in the water all the time, snorkeling, swimming off the boat. Took rash vests for the pool.

Carolyn Parkinson answered 8 months ago

Days shorter but can still be lovely and warm

Rosabie Anton-Sattel answered 8 months ago

I know peoples, they Said the best Time for ever .. not too hot ..

Sylvie Baudoux answered 8 months ago

Effectivement la mer et les piscines sont froides… Pas la meilleure période

Brigitte Buchner answered 8 months ago

I always come in winter and always had good weather so far. (10 visits) I dont like the heat of summer…

Dee Bella answered 8 months ago

We went in july/August. We stayed in the South. Went day trip to the West and was lashing rain. Weather was cold, windy and rain. Never again will go in July/August. Heard May is a good month to go and its warm. Will try next time.

Anita Pali answered 8 months ago

I have frequently been to Mauritius in July – if you stay in the North/NW its sunny and warm ( it may rain 30 mins-1 hour a day) but still beautiful. The South and Central areas may be cold and rainy, the East can be windy…so choose a hotel in the North/Northwest to be on the safe side.

Benita Rook answered 8 months ago

Juni 2023 every day sunshine 26 degrees, some rainshowers stayed at the north west🌤️🌤️

Ewa Ciesielska answered 8 months ago

Wintertime… Also days are shorter.

Maxine De Souza answered 8 months ago

It’s never cold and you can swim alllllll year round.

Ina van Heerden answered 8 months ago

We’ve been there in July more than once and it was never cold. The sea is lovely to swim and it was surely not raining all the time.

Adelle Tulip answered 8 months ago

Went end of July/beg of Aug and wad glorious. Stayed at Paradise Cove.
We’re from north east england was about 15⁰c in england and rained, Mauritius was 27-28⁰c and sunny.
Depends where you are from but you make it what you want. It was a dream come true for us both

Christa Vanhecke answered 8 months ago

It will still be better weather than in Danmark! But chose for the nord or Westside of the island. Much more wind at the eastside.

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