QuestionsTransportation-FlightsIs there anything we need to do when connecting via Dubai?
Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Hey everyone! Just a week to go until we fly to this beautiful island 🏝 😍 Can I ask for anyone who may have done a connecting flight in Dubai, is there anything we need to do for the connection? Both flights are with Emirates. Sorry if this is a dumb question, just never done an indirect flight before so curious about the Visa/check in position. Thanks!

Wendy Trotter answered 9 months ago

It’s not a dumb question at all we all need to learn and I certainly did ……my advice is to ask ask ask everyone is helpful lots of signs but go through security and passport control asap as just when you think your finished your not. Find the gate and then your time is your own to backtrack lots of stuff around the gates. I had two hours and plenty….. 3 coming back and bored.

Do not panic anything else I can assist with just holler……you are in for a treat ❤️

Laura Kemp answered 9 months ago

What day are you flying? May be able to guide you

Cheryl Wallace answered 9 months ago

I was worried as done the same this week for the first time… was absolutely no problem at all. As others have said, get off plane, first board tells you what gate you are flying on to Mauritius from, through a security check and then find your gate. We located our gate, then had a mooch around duty free. As it turned out, we literally got back on the same plane to Mauritius!! Enjoy, its beautiful x

Lindsey Wilson answered 9 months ago

Dubai airport is massive. Our connecting flight was in another terminal. It said 25 min walk inc the shuttle. It took us a lot longer so get there early
there are plenty of shops/restaurants all over the airport to enjoy 🥰

Aartee Tours answered 9 months ago

For visa
Which nationality please

Aartee Tours answered 9 months ago

British passport no need to apply for visa

Cy Monty answered 9 months ago

It’s very easy and well sign posted. You do have to go through security but it’s very quick. Just check the board and they will have your flight connection.

Nathalie LEtang answered 9 months ago

You don’t need to go through passport control. Simply security. There are screens just when you get into the terminal that tell where flights are taking off from. Then you just walk to your gate but it is a huge airport and if the gate is far away you could be a 15-20 minute walk. It will mostly be in terminal 3 that you land and terminal 3 you will take off from as it is only emirates that use that terminal. We flew out last year and it was very straight forward. Doing it again this year. Only have 1 hrs 40 stop over but it is all manageable.

Lyndsay Nanny Whittaker answered 9 months ago

Hi it’s really easy you get off and follow the connection signs you go through security check again get on a train to take you over the other side!

James Lisa Heald answered 9 months ago

Where are you flying from? We came Tuesday from the U.K. we didn’t need to check back in arrived at terminal 3 and took off from same terminal so we followed connections signs went through security and into departures

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