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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Hi all, just checked in online for our flight on Monday 😊 I have the mobile boarding pass from Manchester to Dubai, however it says boarding pass not available from Dubai to Mauritius,and to collect from Emirates check-in Can I ask is that initial check in at Manchester or Dubai? I thought we didnt have to 'check in' again in Dubai, but go thro the transit bit? Sorry if its a stupid question......Never done a connecting flight so no clue 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣.Thank you x

David Morris answered 9 months ago

They will give you boarding passes at Manchester for both flights, same again coming back at Mauritius when you check in. You can check you connecting flight details on board about half an hour before landing into Dubai think it’s chanel 192. Just follow the connection signs in Dubai easy. Have a great holiday.

Rosie Beuel answered 9 months ago

Hi, ex airline check-in staff here. Maybe it was too early to check-in for the DXB-MRU flight… Best to ask the Emirates staff at the gate in Manchester for the boarding pass before they start boarding. Or at the transit counter in Paris.

Kirsty Pegram answered 9 months ago

I flew from Stansted & checked in online. When i checked in my suitcases at the airport they also printed all boarding passes. When you get to Dubai you won’t have to collect your luggage as it will get transferred from plane to plane. You’ll just need to go through security and find your gate 😊

Merima Dzafic answered 9 months ago

I flew from Belgrade to Paris with conection flight and then from Paris to Mauritius . In Belgrade She did not gave mi tickets for me and My Housband to final destination and then I did not have idea where to go in Paris . I must asked every AirPort worker to send me in right terminal and bus , and finally I got tickets on Paris check in in their longue area, for me and My Housband with separated seats ! I could not do anathyng more Because airplane was Full ,and I cried and sitted 11 hours next to the strangers . When I asked My travel company about that they Said to me ,you should ask in Belgrade to check you in to final destination ,She can do that ,She only doesn’t want to work ,you should be much rough!

Debbie Slater answered 9 months ago

Hiya, when we checked cases in at Manchester they gave us the boarding cards for Dubai to Mauritius leg. Have a wonderful holiday x

Lisa Greenwood answered 9 months ago

Following ahead of ours on 4th

Lisa Clifton answered 9 months ago

We got both our boarding passes for each flight when we checked in at london so I presume you collect them from check in desk at Manchester.

Carol Elaine Cook answered 9 months ago

When you che know I. At Manchester they will give you boarding passes for both parts of your journey

Pauline van der Molen-Jans answered 9 months ago

Checked in online via the Emirates app (BRU-DXB-MRU) and got boarding passes for both sectors, the only thing missing was the gate number at Terminal 3 in Dubai. No transfer desk needed!

Ashleigh White answered 9 months ago

Slightly different but this happened to us when we flew Air Mauritius (through Paris) but booked through klm/Air France. We had two different flight operators – KLM and then AM. We were also travelling with a child under 2. Could it be that your flight operator is different to who you booked through or you are flying with a different airline to Dubai and then emirates on to Mauritius? Or do you have any ‘special’ needs like a small child? For us, it was a super simple process. The desk was obvious when we got off the plane – you had to walk past it. We simply presented our passports and they gave us our boarding cards, no questions asked. I was so stressed about it but it really wasn’t necessary. I’ve heard wonderful things about Dubai airport so I am certain it’ll be fine if you have a similar set up to what we had xx

Lesley Hossack answered 9 months ago

Sorry to jump on your post Cheryl, can I ask when you check in online with Emirates 48hrs before your UK flight, can you also choose your seats for the Dubai to Mauritius flight too?

Gill Davies answered 9 months ago

We did same trip yesterday they give you printed boarding passes for both flights , it’s a long couple of days but so worth it!! 😎

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