QuestionsTransportation-FlightsHow can seats be booked in advance on Air Mauritius?
Anonymous asked 2 months ago

I need help booking seats in advance for our Air Mauritius flights. The Manage Booking section doesn't have the option, and when I try to select seats through Google, it redirects me back to Manage Booking, leading to frustration.

Sha Feeq answered 2 months ago

You can book your seat when doing online checking but you will have to pay for the selected seats.

Maria Bloy answered 2 months ago

We booked our in advance, but couldn’t get our booking reference until our holiday was paid off x think it was in addition services rather than manage booking x

Denise Jaye answered 2 months ago

You can only book them once your tickets have been issued ( unless you have a child under 12 years on the flight reservation) What month do you fly? Your tickets might not be issued yet.

Gosia Joy answered 2 months ago

We booked with TUI, paid full balance phoned TUI and asked for our tickets to be released.

Charlotte Bartolo answered 2 months ago

We were told until full balance is paid you can’t book them x

Sue Green answered 2 months ago

We booked ours last week, we go next wednesday.

Nadine de Raijmaeker answered 2 months ago

You will received normally a message from the company Air Mauritius 30 h before time of your flight

Jane Harris answered 2 months ago

Once u check in online it should show you the option paid about 20 Euro per seat

Peter Paardekooper answered 2 months ago

We’re flying on Sunday and were able to select seats directly after booking for our return flight but not for our inbound flight. So guess that won’t have to do with payment. We contacted KLM who does the first part of the flight and they stated that they don’t have a seating plan available at the moment.

Mary Wands answered 2 months ago

We prebooked ours but we need not of bothered the plane was half empty on our flight out , we were able to book about 2 weeks before

Paul Barrow answered 2 months ago

I’ve had exactly the same problem – spent ages going round in circles, trying everything I could think of. It’s never been a problem before when we’ve flown AM. Can’t even book my wife’s vegetarian meals. I’m going to call their contact centre, but there doesn’t seem to be a UK phone number, so it could cost a few quid just to call them!
Their website has never been the easiest to navigate, but it’s nigh on impossible now! 🙄

Trevor Schoeffer answered 2 months ago

Same best to just call them

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