QuestionsTransportation-FlightsHow simple is it for UK drivers to rent a car?
Anonymous asked 8 months ago

How simple is it for UK drivers to rent a car?

Ibrahim Denmamode answered 8 months ago

Toloto Rental Services Mauritius Car-Hire please help

Rajiv Gunputh answered 8 months ago

Same as ordering a McDonald’s

Trisha Alegra Gukhool answered 8 months ago

I have an automatic car for rent 🙂

Preyvin Sookun answered 8 months ago

Straight forward but driving can be challenging

Greg Duncan-Traill answered 8 months ago

Mauritians also drive on the correct side of the road 😎😇😂

Jen Gopaul answered 8 months ago

Just ensure you’re checking your blind spots always keeping an eye out for mopeds and motorbikes. Driving in the capital is hectic but overall it’s an easy drive same road rules as UK

Stevie Park answered 8 months ago

We are here now and have rented a car. Whilst it is easy, I wouldn’t say it was ‘very easy’ like other. It is very similar to UK there are some differences.
We have drove literally all over the island though.
Road sizes and cars themselves are easy, parking spaces are big enough.
People generally tend to indicate, but they will just pull out on you, come up the inside, especially the bikes.
Would absolutely recommend though!

Jonathan OLoughlin answered 8 months ago

Would anyone who’s rented recommend it or just use taxi instead?

Deborah Gaskin answered 8 months ago

Easley Peasey 😂

Rogers Helen answered 8 months ago

I found it super easy. I drove for 2 weeks all over the island.

Ian Froud answered 8 months ago

We hired a car in March when we was there booked it through our rep

Leander Attic answered 8 months ago

Super easy. Since the license is accepted here for validation

And to top it, the drive is same side!

Ernst Grunow answered 8 months ago

Speak to Rishen Balloo

Mohd Talal answered 8 months ago

Very easy ..
Make sure the car number plate is yellow which means it is a contract car. White number plate is private vehicles which is often offered at a discounted price and quite often they are old, battered, heavy mileage, faulty,not well-maintained and possibly unsafe vehicles. The unscrupulous rogues offer cash in hand without any receipts or driving or any paperwork. Best go to reputable companies offering properly maintained contract cars just for a few hundred rupees extra per day…
I won’t be going back to that dealer.
Remember if it is too good to be true…

Barbara Ber answered 8 months ago Book online ans they deliver the car to your place, Airport,… it’s a reputable and reliable company.

Dave answered 8 months ago

best option , for similar cost and far far less hassle , is to negotiate day rates with a registered taxi driver – they are plentiful in the hotel and coastal regions – and be guided and driven round the best places to see . The drivers are very knowledgeable and friendly and will make you discover the places worth seeing in each region . They will be a good guide and you should have a 5 star experience at lower cost than in Europe .

Mohd Talal answered 8 months ago

The only thing is there is less discipline on the road especially on round abouts..if you can drive there then you can drive anywhere in the world.

David McDonald answered 8 months ago

Have you driven around London during rush hour as its pretty much the same. The only difference is when there’s an accident, they tend to be fatal.

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