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Anonymous asked 8 months ago
Very annoyed with Emirates. Checked in yesterday, two days before departure. Our family of five is spread out trhoughout the aircraft, and there is no way to move/change seats, not even a pay-option. Anyone experienced this before?

Bill Amor answered 8 months ago

Why is it Emirates fault?
U say travel agent booked your seats.

Elise Remy answered 8 months ago

Ça m’a coûté presque 300€ pour être sûre de voyager à côté de mon mari!

Vix Kennedy answered 8 months ago

We booked 3 months ago for December, picked seats free of charge

Vanda Jooganah answered 8 months ago

You have to pay to have allocated seats. Otherwise they will allocate where their is availability..

Kerry Michelle Dixon answered 8 months ago

Similar to what has been said, unfortunately I had to pay for all 4 legs and even even they changed some of my seats and it was only when I’ll looked I checked. Checked in last night (am presuming we are probably on same flight on Sat) and the flight is mega full.

Kim Shaw answered 8 months ago

Couldn’t u have checked in any earlier than u have ?, usually if children are under 12 think it is, they usually try sit them with 1 of the people on same trip ? That’s why lots pay to sit together know its not right but it’s what u have to do to get sat together x Even 2 people some times struggle if none are near eachother, so to sit 5 together without paying in advance is never gonna happen x

Andrea McDonald answered 8 months ago

We just arrived home yesterday, with Emirates. I think they do it on purpose to make people pay to book seats. We had separate seats on 2 of our 4 flights (a couple). I had prebooked the seats going (but flight changed so didn’t get those seats) but app didn’t give option to prebook on the way home.
Staff at Dubai airport were very helpful and we managed to get seats together.

Ewa Ciesielska answered 8 months ago

We booked our seats (for free as only some extra leg space etc were with additional cost) while buying the tickets.

Alan Richardson answered 8 months ago

Which airport you flying from?

Wayne Davis answered 8 months ago

I’m flying next Saturday and it’s just cost me £400 but last year we didn’t book and managed to sit together as plane wasn’t full so lucky I guess!!

Leanne Allen answered 8 months ago

Pay in advance to sit together! Ive just paid £300 for next years trip!

Maria Chrystie answered 8 months ago

Calum Chrystie Mark Usher Nicky Usher, we need to get ours sorted x

Stephen Boyle answered 8 months ago

I flew yesterday/today
I was allocated seat weeks ago through the app.
I changed 2 of my seats to get off the plane quicker for my transfer.
Outbound I paid for return was free

Stewart McDonald answered 8 months ago

We had same problem with them….it seems they are doing this deliberately so everyone pays extra…..I think it’s time everyone boycotts them and it will soon stop.

Clare Louise Belton answered 8 months ago

If you didn’t book your seats, then not Emirates fault I’m afraid 😟

Shakun Harris answered 8 months ago

Strange, Emirates is very flexible. Unless you didn’t book the seats and the flight might be full.

Katrina Jones answered 8 months ago

This is common for most airlines. Unfortunately if you don’t pay for the seats this is the risk you take. I am flying in 2 weeks time and just had to pay £400 for seats for me and my aunt to sit together.

Zeenat Maudarbocus answered 8 months ago

It’s getting a bit annoying with these now on flights. My family of 4 was split in 2 groups on the Air Mauritius flight and the guy who was near my son was split from his wife from a different seat, luckily nearby and a single guy them offered to swap seat with him then he could sit next to his wife. I noticed lots of people had same problems being split. It’s causing stress for a lot of families now.

Belinda Lagane answered 8 months ago

This has happened to us on Air Mauritius before. I don’t think there is any excuse!

Vitus Hoffmann answered 8 months ago

these coments always reassure me why i fly alone, only alone ^^

Jacqueline Louise answered 8 months ago

We always book our seats when we book the flight so not to get that dilemma, did you book your seats or did the airline allocate

You can only ask at check in, but if others have paid for their seats, you will be allocated where there is space.

Emma Beckley answered 8 months ago

It’s pretty typical. Usually if you ask at bag drop they do their best to accommodate you although sounds like lots of people have paid in advance and it might be a busy flight so they may not be able to do much to help.

Paul Glover answered 8 months ago

I’d pay $400 not to sit near my family! 😂

Jai Raj answered 8 months ago

You could always politely ask some of the passengers if they wouldn’t mind swapping seats so that as many of you can be seated together.

I’d say it works half of the time and there’s no harm in asking.

Gerard Peka answered 8 months ago

This can happen with all airlines! I imagine if this was air Mauritius, the haters would have swamped this post with negative comments! There are problems with all of them sometimes, even with the so called “perfect” airlines like Emirates! 😜

Lou Redgrave answered 8 months ago

I suspect alot of people paid in advance on your flight to book their seats so you unfortunately got what was left. I booked our seats about 4 months before we flew as I wanted the twin seats so we weren’t disturbing anyone else to move if we needed to get up. It wasn’t cheap though to be fair.

Lisa Strömbom answered 8 months ago

Thanks for all your answers! We booked through a travel agency and we thought they took care of booking us at a group/family for the flight. The annyoing thing is the fare we paid allowed us to pick seats (I was told by Emirates’ customer service today), but since we weren’t informed by the agency, it was too late to use that option when we checked in. Now we put our hopes in the people at check-in at the airport who might be able to move some of us around so that the kids don’t have to sit alone, or in nice people travelling alone who might want to swap in the plane. I’m so pissed with the travel agency and will press them for compensation.

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