QuestionsTransportation-FlightsWhat do I need to do to import a used car from another country?
Soups_noodles asked 9 months ago

I would like to bring a car from a different country into Mauritius, as the cost of cars here is higher compared to other countries. However, I am unsure about the process. Do I need to travel to the country myself, purchase the car there, and arrange for its shipment? Additionally, if any of you have knowledge about the expenses involved in shipping a car to Mauritius and registering it for driving, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Brooklyn7011 answered 9 months ago

It’s not a very smart idea. The import tax is 100% as far as I know, with exception of vintage cars.

That’s how such a market can sustain itself.

aramjatan answered 9 months ago

If you don’t see many locals doing this, it means it’s usually not worth the hassle. Just buy a reconditioned vehicle.

NeKapS9 answered 9 months ago

You can’t. You need an import permit which the government froze after 1st confinement in favour of car import dealers.

Savings_Cup_5218 answered 9 months ago

An individual cannot import a used car into Mauritius. The law does not allow it.

Even if you were able to and depending on the engine capacity and type of car, you need to pay excise duty.

It is quite unfair that we are not able to import a used car ourselves given that the local showrooms are making too much profit on just one car.

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