QuestionsTransportation-FlightsWhat is the cheapest airline from Europe to get to Mauritius?
Anonymous asked 9 months ago
What is the cheapest airline from Europe to get to Mauritius?

Dave England answered 9 months ago

Raw's Bio answered 9 months ago

check skyscanner

Tax Xax answered 9 months ago


Riad Bussun answered 9 months ago

Consult your travel agency.

Chris Waldon answered 9 months ago

Air b&m

Francine Bernard answered 9 months ago


Vict Dupuis answered 9 months ago

Air austral escale réunion puis 40 minutes de vol via maurice

Preyvin Sookun answered 9 months ago

To get a good deal you have to book 6/9 months in advance sky scanner

Kari Eriksson answered 9 months ago

Air France is 🤮other option is Turkish Airlines and maybe Kenian Airlines

Vitus Hoffmann answered 9 months ago

To make a bit sense of your post: There is not really a “cheapest airline”. it all depends from where and when you fly. but for the sake of it, this would be a really good price. (now you need to consider how to get to cdg, which will prbly. eat up the 200 EUR difference to other departure cities).

Naz Junglee answered 9 months ago

Now will be very expensive try sunset airline

Michal Cvach answered 9 months ago

It depends on a lot of factors – where you would want to fly from, in what period of the year and so on. We recently flew from Prague, and from there, the cheapest option was with Air France. It was significantly cheaper than with Emirates and it was a pleasant experience. The cost was about 700 euro for a return flight. I think you can get under 600 euro from London, and possibly also from some other cities if you wait for a good price.

Also sometimes the cheapest options mean multiple transfers with long layovers. I guess it is a question whether it is worth to save say 50 euros but end up with 30 hours travelling instead of say 15 – for me, it would not be.

Kev Finlay answered 9 months ago

Depends really, my saving on not booking seats together, means we can fly from local airport , might be more expensive but we can be home within an hour of landing , time is precious 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Kushal Kumar answered 9 months ago

Normally kenya airways 🇰🇪

Jean Joel Derothee answered 9 months ago

Booked with Kenya Airways for décembre. 660 euros from Paris

Ailyn Abibula answered 9 months ago

It depends, look on Google Flights, search for a promotion; we found Bucharest-Mauritius (via Istanbul) with 500 Eur with Turkish Airlines

Anwar Nazrally answered 9 months ago


Marius Jucan answered 9 months ago

I’ve flown with Austrian, the price was 500€ for both outbound and inbound flights, 22-30 October. The flight was from Budapest, with 1 stop in Vienna. So if you take the flight from Vienna, it will be a direct one, it takes 10 hours. I had economy and being a long flight, I had also beverages and meals included.

Marta Drzewińska answered 9 months ago

It will not be easy to find under 600 euro to be honest. The cheapest: Condor, Swiss, AirFrance.

Vitus Hoffmann answered 9 months ago

economy or bc or fc?

Beatrix Polt answered 9 months ago

It depends not only in the Airline, but on the number of stopovers, availability of seats to sell, flight dates etc etc.
Impossible to say. Would recommend Austrian Airlines via Vienna

Hannaz Mhmd answered 9 months ago

Swimming airline

Alina Voica answered 9 months ago

Try Turkish Airlines. Or you can search with google flights. You’ll get the best prices there.

David Delpierre answered 9 months ago

Kenya Airlines 😃

Sarah England answered 9 months ago

Impossible to say…flight prices change daily, even hourly!

Joanna Kuzelewska answered 9 months ago

Go to Google flights and check. It will be different for every country in Europe…..

Daniel Frisk answered 9 months ago

Are you sure you want the cheapest? It’s a long way…

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