Rahul Suntah, a Mauritian piano prodigy renowned for his remarkable performances on major British stages, will perform in concert on 11 September at 7pm at the Caudan Arts Centre. This young artist, whose talent and creativity have captivated a wide audience, stands out for his innovative approach to the piano.

Rahul Suntah’s talent lies in his ability to transcend the conventions of traditional piano music. He excels in boldly exploring the piano, skillfully fusing classical techniques with modern elements and advanced melodic technologies. With unparalleled dexterity, the 27-year-old has tamed his instrument in a unique way that allows him to engage in diverse registers.

After six years in England, where he pursued his studies and performed many musical performances, he has finally returned to his native island since February. “It was time for me to return to my homeland to reconnect with my roots,” says Rahul Suntah, a resident of Quatre-Bornes.

Piano Odyssey

Rahul Suntah is set to host a concert titled “Piano Odyssey” where he will perform a selection of his famous covers of hits, film soundtracks and personal compositions. Among the tracks on the program, the audience will have the pleasure of listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Feel Good Inc” by Gorillaz, as well as iconic soundtracks from films like “Harry Potter” and “Interstellar”. He will also present personal creations, including “Paradise Island” and “Heal”, which demonstrate his creativity and artistic sensitivity.

“This concert is an opportunity to share my passion for music with my countrymen. I hope that each viewer will find something special in each piece,” says the pianist. He adds that there will be a combination of styles: electronic, pop, jazz, rock and Bollywood, among others. “I consider myself a versatile artist and I like to mix genres,” he says. Indeed, Rahul Suntah adapts a wide range of musical styles to his solo performances, ranging from electronic to jazz, R&B, pop, rock and EDM.

His musical inspirations are vast and eclectic, spanning classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, as well as modern icons such as Queen, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, John Williams and Hans Zimmer. Rahul Suntah also cites contemporary artists including The Piano Guys, Jamie Cullum, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Peter Bence and Jacob Collier as major influences in his work.

Classic and Popular

He skillfully blends the world of classical and popular music with unconventional extended piano techniques, also using a Launchpad and live looping setups. Thanks to his musical prowess and innovative approach, the young artist has managed to gather a large online community. His videos have accumulated millions of views and he has a large number of followers on Instagram. He is one of the musicians who are redefining the way the piano is played, pushing the traditional boundaries of the instrument and exploring new sonic possibilities.

His social media fame exploded four years ago when he posted a video of himself revisiting the song “Eye of the Tiger” in a completely new way. “That video went viral, people loved it and the congratulations poured in. I realized that this innovative approach to the piano was very popular. It was very rewarding for me because I wasn’t interested in playing the piano in a classical way. I really wanted to think outside the box, do something different. There’s often a clear separation between classical and pop music, but I managed to bring the two together,” he says. That video marked a turning point in his career, leading him to explore new musical avenues and push the boundaries of his art.

His musical inspirations are broad and eclectic, spanning classical composers like Beethoven.”

Rahul Suntah's connection with the piano dates back to his 8th birthday. A classically trained pianist, he has a deep passion for musical composition and the art of sound production. “I was 8 years old when my mother enrolled me at the Fryderyk Chopin Conservatory of Music. I learned the basics of music there. One day, while watching other people play the piano, I was fascinated by this instrument. Being shy by nature, the piano offered me a means of expression,” he confides.

His academic career then continued at the Collège du Saint-Esprit. In 2016, Rahul Suntah chose to continue his studies in “Audio & Music Technology” in England. He won the university talent competition “UWE Bristol's Got Talent” in 2019, before returning to Mauritius. Subsequently, he flew back to England to pursue a master's degree in Film Scoring at the University of Bristol, where he received a scholarship. He graduated in 2021, thus enriching his academic and artistic career with in-depth knowledge of musical composition for cinema.

Paradise Island

His track “Paradise Island” was selected as one of the best tracks of 2021 on BBC Music Introducing. He played at the prestigious Manchester Cathedral in 2022, then played his first headlining concerts in Bristol and London. Additionally, he opened Amsterdam's Maandag Award Show and starred in their TV commercial in 2022. Alongside his performances, Rahul Suntah launched his album titled “Piano Stories” in 2020, which he composed entirely, independently recorded and produced.

Please note that tickets to attend the concert are available on the Caudan Arts Center website from Rs 400.

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