Piton village councillor Kevin Ragoonath Ragnuth is a strong contender to replace Prembhoodas Ellayah as president of the Rivière-du-Rempart District Council. When contacted, he declined to comment on the matter.

Kevin Ragoonath Ragnuth is expected to soon succeed Prembhoodas Ellayah as president of the Rivière-du-Rempart District Council. President of the Gahlot Rajput Maha Sabha but also close to the government, this 43-year-old man represents the village of Piton on the Rivière-du-Rempart Council. Reached by phone Thursday morning, Kevin Ragoonath Ragnuth was tight-lipped on his comments. “It’s too early to comment on anything,” he told Le Défi Quotidien.

A motion of censure to remove Black River District Council Chairman Prembhoodas Ellayah was filed by four councillors on Thursday, June 27. The chairman was accused of no longer “commanding the majority” within the council. Prembhoodas Ellayah was confident of a massive vote against the motion of censure, but some councillors voted against him. The motion of censure passed 11 to 10. The chairman, however, contested the motion and obtained an injunction on Monday, July 1. The interim order, issued in summary proceedings by Justice Raj Seebaluck, prohibits the Deputy Prime Minister (VPM) and Minister of Local Government, Anwar Husnoo, from removing him from his position as District Council Chairman. A position he says he has held since 2017. The interim order remains in force until July 26, 2024, when Minister Husnoo and the Chief Executive of the District Council, Rishi Kumar Nursing, will have to appear in court.


But why the motion of censure against Prembhoodas Ellayah? What is he accused of? A councillor of the district, speaking on condition of anonymity, will say: “A good number of councillors did not agree with the way Prembhoodas Ellayah proceeded. “His management of the Council has met with strong opposition on many occasions.” Prembhoodas Ellayah was contacted several times for a statement, but he remained unreachable.

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