Around forty fines will soon see an increase and the list of cumulative offenses has been extended from 11 to 32, announced Alan Ganoo. The Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail hosted a press conference on Friday.

New offenses have been added to the list of cumulative offenses, announced the Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, Alan Ganoo. The number will thus increase from 11 to 32, he explained during a press conference he hosted on Friday June 21. Amendments will be made to the “Road Traffic Amendment Bill” which will be presented for second reading on Tuesday June 25 to the National Assembly.

“An increase in fines for various offenses is also planned, as well as the risk of suspension of the driving license for the Cumulative Road Traffic System,” he pointed out.

“Seven offenses, among the new offenses which will be included in the list, concern motorcycles and mopeds,” said Minister Ganoo. Two-wheeler users are considered the most vulnerable and account for the greatest number of road casualties.

According to him, 67 people have lost their lives since the start of the year. “There have been 32 deaths among motorcyclists and their passengers since last January,” said Minister Ganoo. This represents an increase of 33% compared to 2023, he lamented.

“These amendments aim above all to make motorists responsible and, at the same time, reduce the number of deaths on the roads. It is not a question of filling the state coffers,” said the minister. The authorities therefore want to update the fines. Some will be increased reasonably and several offenses have been revised.

Minister Ganoo cited a few examples: fines of Rs 1,000 which will increase to Rs 1,500; others, from Rs 1,500 which will increase to Rs 3,000.

The law will also be amended regarding illegal road rallies, he announced.

New law for structures during processions

The bill also aims to regularize structures used during religious and non-religious processions. Thus, “structures or objects carried, pushed, pulled or driven during a procession” will be added to the law so that the police authorities can intervene. This through the regulations which will be made under the “Road Traffic Act” in order to determine the size of the structures used during any type of procession. Minister Ganoo stressed that over the past two years, recommendations have not been taken into consideration, resulting in loss of life.

4% increase in vehicles each year

Our roads have a fleet of around 680,000 vehicles and an increase of 4% is recorded each year, according to Minister Alan Ganoo. This prompted the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) to take steps to be able to handle the 800 daily transactions at its various offices, an average of 27,000 per month, he argued. Among these, there is the payment of licenses, the renewal of permits or even re-registration, among others. Some transactions can be done online.

Uniform fines for license plates

The minister pointed out that among the various increases, it was planned that a fine concerning registration plates would increase from Rs 1,000 to Rs 25,000. This concerns the “manipulation” of numbers and letters in order to pay cheaper personalized plates. However, following the reactions that this aroused, it was decided to harmonize all offenses concerning the number plate. Thus, all fines linked to vehicle numbers will increase from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000. He thus underlined that there are several offenses linked to the registration plate, but where it is difficult to trace the vehicle by subsequently, because it does not comply with regulations or is not visible, for example. The necessary amendments will thus be made on Tuesday when the bill is presented, underlined Minister Ganoo.

The 21 new offenses on the list of cumulative offenses

1. Do not give way when exiting a lesser road and entering a more important road
2. Not wearing high visibility clothing as a driver of a motor cycle
3. Not wearing high visibility clothing as a motorcycle driver
4. Do not overtake a vehicle on the right
5. Teaching for a fee the driving of a motor vehicle without an instructor's license
6. Obstructing oncoming traffic when overtaking
7. Driving or traveling on a central reservation
8. Stop in a central reservation
9. Allow the vehicle to remain stationary in a central reservation
10. Carrying one or more people in the open pickup area of ​​a double-cab pickup or dual-purpose vehicle.
11. Auto-cycle and motorcycle not equipped with a rear-view mirror in the prescribed manner
12. Riding a motorcycle alongside another two-wheeled vehicle
13. Riding a motorcycle alongside another two-wheeled vehicle
14. Failing to obey traffic signs while driving, by failing to obey the lane selection arrow
15. Carrying more than one person as a passenger on a motor cycle
16. Carrying more than one person as a passenger on a motorcycle
17. Registration plate not in compliance with the requirements
18. Size, display and character spacing of a registration plate not conforming to prescribed specifications
19. Violation of lane discipline on a dual carriageway
20. Violation of the conditions imposed by the Commissioner of Police when participating in a race or speed test between motor vehicles on a road
21. Participation in a race or speed test between motor vehicles on a road without the consent of the Police Commissioner.

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