The former deputy of the Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD), Adrien Duval, believes that he will not obtain a fair trial. This in the absence of around ten documents, including the plan and photographs of the accident that occurred in Ébène on September 21, 2022, which were not communicated to it by the Prosecution. It is for this reason that his lawyer, Me Jacques Panglose, requested that the trial be stopped this Monday before the Rose-Hill court. The case was adjourned to August 21, 2024, in the absence of a representative from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

As a reminder, Adrien Duval pleaded not guilty to four formal charges brought against him before the Rose-Hill court. This concerns involuntary assault and battery recklessly inflicted on a resident of Phoenix on September 21, 2022, during a road accident in Ebène. He is also being prosecuted for alleged drunk driving and for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test when he was ordered to do so by a police officer that day. Adrien Duval is also accused of refusing to provide a blood or urine sample for analysis.

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