The leader of the Reform Party was the guest of the show 'Au coeur de l'info', hosted by Nawaz Noorbux, on Friday on Radio Plus. During his speech, Roshi Bhadain commented on the political situation as well as the 2024/25 Budget.

According to Roshi Bhadain, the population is “undecided” and it is “very rare for the people to grant a third mandate to a government”. However, he believes that “there needs to be a change in the country”. He reiterated his desire to run for the general elections in the Beau-Bassin/Petite-Rivière constituency (20). “I will be a candidate in the constituency where I live,” he said.

But you will have incumbent MP Rajesh Bhagwan as your opponent? “I respect Rajesh Bhagwan. We had several discussions, especially when I was within the Entente de l'Espoir. I have a very good relationship with Rajesh Bhagwan, but I want to beat him in the elections,” confessed Roshi Bhadain.

What about the opening of the Reform Party to other political parties in the country? “I am not hungry for the post of Prime Minister. I am willing to bring order to the system. I don't need money at all. Nou tou dan Reform Party koumsa. Sakenn gayn so lavi. Lekip nwena se pa enn lekip roder bout ek chatwa. We can give our bann zenn to the zoo without. Blie Jugnauth. Si al fer lalyans ek Travayis ek MMM. Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger do not have anything to do with the Reform Party. Monn asiz in Hope. WhatsApp zot pa pe konn served for avoy dokiman. Chat GPT ena pa pe kone kiete sa. Kouma mo kapave al asiz ek bann dirizan ki pa kone nanien po al get vizion poi pei? ” he asks.

Scratched Bodha

Roshi Bhadain, however, pointed out that the scenario of extra-parliamentary parties has “limitations”. He recalled that he is still in discussions with his “friend” Rama Valayden. “It’s true that my friend Rama Valayden and I talk regularly. Over the months, I became friends with José Moirt. But there is a problem: Nando Bodha. O nivo Reform Party, we bandage if pran Nando Bodha and if prozet li divan pour partaz 'Prime ministership', li difisil pour nou al convink the popilasion. Mo pa anvi dir al sakrifie Nando Bodha. I have nothing against Nando's. I think it has value to add in any context. Kapav dime li pou al ek Xavier ou swa li pou returnn ek Pravind Jugnauth. PMSD pe rod pran zot tou amenn ar Jugnauth,” he added.

Explanations by Xavier-Luc Duval

According to Roshi Bhadain, “Kouma dir PMSD ends up being a governor who handles what he is doing”. “The future can show it. Duval then returned to his house to bring him to Jugnauth. Mo guaranteed or mo pa krwar Bruneau Laurette pou aksepte fer sa. Duval pa pe kapav al tousel. Si li al tousel li pe per tansion dimounn vir kont li. Deza linn vinn enn parti pa tro for aster. Xavier-Luc Duval has the right to ally with the MSM. “Li bizin vinnn explik la popilasion kouma pandan kat an linn poz PNQ lasanble national ek zordi li al maye ar boug-la,” underlined Roshi Bhadain. He will say: “And if there will be an alliance with a view to running for general elections, it will be with the extra-parliamentarians”.

Government debt and 'voucher'

He then pointed out that the government's debt (General Government Debt) will increase from Rs 460 billion in 2024 to reach Rs 561 billion in 2027. This is serious, he said, because a country which is in debt at such a level of risk of bankruptcy. It is, he indicates, the Mauritian children who will have to repay this sum.

Concerning the depreciation of the rupee, Roshi Bhadain highlighted that it is necessary to “introduce fiscal discipline”. “VAT must be reduced. This will stimulate the economy. Fuels will cost less. There must be responsibility in the management of state finances,” he proposed.

The leader of the Reform party then pleaded in favor of negotiations with friendly countries in order to have basic medicines at a reasonable price. According to him, a 'voucher' system must be introduced to allow the needy to buy medicines.

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