Suspended from his duties as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for several weeks, Laurent Recoura remains waiting. The latter, through his lawyer, expressed the wish to negotiate an amicable departure from Air Mauritius. Laurent Recoura therefore expects an honorable outcome, involving the dropping of all charges brought against him by Air Mauritius, as well as compensation in the form of a few months' salary, allowing him to leave the airline with dignity.

MK reluctant

However, according to information gathered by very reliable sources, Air Mauritius would be reluctant to accept this negotiation. The reason? “The accusations against Laurent Recoura would be particularly serious”, we understand. Our sources also point out that the management of Air Mauritius is questioning the publication of recent articles “against” Air Mauritius and its new management.

Laurent Recoura was, remember, at the heart of a controversy after having written a letter of denunciation concerning the “actions” of Charles Cartier, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Mauritius in May. Sources close to the matter indicate that Laurent Recoura would have been pressured by management to resign. Faced with his refusal, he was finally suspended from his functions.
Laurent Recoura joined Air Mauritius in 2022 and held the position of “Officer in Charge” after the departure of the former CEO, Krešimir Kučko. He had resumed his position as CCO with the appointment of Charles Cartier.

No comment

This affair comes at a delicate time for Air Mauritius, which is trying to recover after the financial and operational turbulence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Asked by telephone, Atma Bumma, spokesperson for Air Mauritius, would neither confirm nor deny Laurent Recoura's request. “I am surprised by this request. Why would a person suspended from his duties seek such an exit? There is something fishy going on. I will let the public draw their own conclusions,” we understand.

Reached by telephone on Thursday afternoon, Laurent Recoura declined to comment.

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