The Speaker of the National Assembly, Sooroojdev Phokeer, has suspended the leader of the opposition, Arvin Boolell, from the National Assembly for this evening's sitting and for the next two sittings. Arvin Boolell was “named” by the Speaker late in the afternoon following his Private Notice Question.
The Speaker of the National Assembly was making an announcement when Arvin Boolell made remarks from the other side of the chamber. Sooroojdev Phokeer asked him to leave the room immediately, which provoked a disgruntled reaction from Arvin Boolell, accompanied by a hand gesture. This is how he was “named” by the Speaker.

A little earlier, Arvin Boolell, at a press conference, said this: “I do not agree with the Speaker's decision.”

“Speaker li port viewfinder, li pa don mwa la parol. Mo bizin atan li don mwa mo drwa. So aksion reaksion li 'biase',” underlined the opposition leader.

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