The Hindu House issued a statement the day after the incident involving members of the executive committee who were denied access to Cassis yesterday.

“Suspended members are making the press believe that they have taken over the Hindu House, which is completely false and malicious and misleading the public,” wrote Secretary Hemandre Deepchand.

“The current management remains under the legitimate control of the elected members,” he continued in this press release. He recalls that the case has been brought before the Supreme Court and that we must await the court's decision.

Recall that in a complaint filed at the Bain-des-Dames police station yesterday, Thursday June 20, the president of the Hindu House, Luxshmee Ramdhun Bundhun, accused five members of having threatened her and of having damaged the premises of the socio-cultural association. She claimed that these five members wanted to take control of the Hindu House by force, which they dispute.

Among the five members, we find vice-president Kreshan Ramdhun, who is none other than the president's brother. In 2023, he obtained an injunction against holding a general meeting. Lawyer Hunchun Gunesh, who represents him, affirms that these members demand that Luxshmee Ramdhun Bundhun resign, because she would find herself in the minority.

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