The exercise of examining budgetary allocations continued yesterday, before the session was adjourned until next Tuesday, June 25.

Demolition work on the Emmanuel Anquetil building has been put on hold, Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy announced in response to a question from Labor Party MP Osman Mahomed. An amount of Rs 100 million was budgeted during the previous financial year. This fund was not used, said the minister.

During the 2023-2024 budget speech, the Minister of Finance announced the demolition of the building to create a green space. The project then caused an outcry, because demolishing the building which dates from 1979 was considered an insult to the memory of Emmanuel Anquetil, said Thierry de Comarmond, urban architect.

Rs 8 million for work at Government House

An amount of Rs 8 million has been voted for office renovation work at Government House, announced the Minister of Finance, Renganaden Padayachy. This was in response to a question from Labor Party MP Osman Mahomed. This amount represents an increase compared to the budget voted last year, which was Rs 5 million.

Rs 250 million for the 381 social integration doctors

A budgetary allocation of Rs 250 million is planned for the 381 doctors of the Ministry of Social Integration for home medical visits. This amount includes fees to the Medical Boards of this ministry. Line Minister Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo said 297,492 visits were made from July 2023 to April 2024. This was in response to questions from MPs Farhad Aumeer of the Labor Party and Kavi Doolub of the MSM.

Inaugurated, the SAJ Bridge continues to receive funds

A budget of Rs 494,380,000 has been allocated for the financial years 2023-24 and 2024-25 to the Ministry of National Infrastructure for Jumbo Phoenix Roundabout and SAJ Bridge. MMM MP Reza Uteem asked why such amounts continue to be allocated for the SAJ Bridge, which was inaugurated this year. In response, Minister Bobby Hurreeram explained that for a unique project in this region of the world, it is important to continue to ensure its supervision and maintenance.

Rs 60 million for the training of 107 pre-registered doctors

The Minister of Health announced that 107 pre-registered doctors are currently in training. This initiative aims to improve their skills in order to guarantee better quality of care for the population.

To support this training program, a budget of Rs 60 million has been allocated.

Bhagwan calls for Minister Ramano's allowances to be reduced

While exercising budgetary allocations, MMM MP Rajesh Bhagwan demanded that the environment minister's allocations be reduced by half. “We are called to vote Rs 2.4 million for the minister's allocations. I formally request that they be reduced by 50%. We all know the minister's 'part-time job',” he quips. Ashley Ittoo, Deputy Chairperson of Committees, cited the Standing Orders, arguing that such a request was “not admissible”.

Pay package of Rs 110,125 to the Beach Authority GM

Responding to a question from Labor MP Ehsan Juman, the Minister of the Environment gave details of the “pay package” for the General Manager of the Beach Authority. “Mr. Sudeven Chengebroyen earns Rs 110,125. He has an MBA,” said Kavi Ramano.

E-waste transferred to South Africa

In response to a question from Purple MP Reza Uteem regarding e-waste, Minister Ramano specified the country to which this waste is transferred. “This is South Africa,” he said.

Joanna Bérenger is interested in “compost bins”

While MPs were called to vote for the purchase of equipment, Joanna Bérenger (MMM) asked the Minister of the Environment about “compost bins”. In fact, the sum increased from Rs 100,000 to Rs 1 million. “Are these the same 'compost bins' that are distributed in the minister's constituency? » she wanted to know. The Minister of the Environment did not hide his annoyance, saying: “It’s always the same old story. This is for the purchase of photocopiers. There is no distribution of photocopiers at this time. »

643 planters benefited from the Cane Replantation Scheme

Rs 75 million was voted for the Cane Replantation Scheme. To a question from MP Reza Uteem, the Minister of Agro-industry gave details on the area of ​​land under cane cultivation as well as the number of planters who benefited from this plan. “For the year 2023-2024, 436 hectares of land have been replanted. 1,250 acres have been earmarked for the coming year. As of May 21, 643 planters have benefited from this scheme,” replied Mahen Seeruttun.

72 operators hold Green Agricultural Certification

In response to a request for clarification from Joanna Bérenger, Minister Seeruttun indicated that 72 operators hold Green Agricultural Certification.

Construction of a dog shelter in Plaine-Magnien

Patrick Assirvaden, Labor MP, asked to know the location planned for the construction of the dog shelter for which a sum of Rs 5 million was voted. “The identified location is in Plaine-Magnien,” said Mahen Seeruttun.

The rent goes from Rs 218 million to 240 million

The Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs returned to the rents, which increased from Rs 218 million to Rs 240 million. This concerns the rental of offices, parking lots in Port-Louis, but also the rental for chancery staff and residence of the mission abroad. “I assume it is due to the prices in the market,” explained Maneesh Gobin.

Basic Retirement Pension: increase of more than Rs 13.6 million

The Basic Retirement Pension will see an increase of Rs 13,644,000 for the financial year 2024-25 with the new pension scale that will be granted, explained Minister Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo. From Rs 37,656,000 for the financial year 2023-24, a sum of Rs 51,300,000 is planned for the next year.

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