Her insistence on asking a supplementary question on the operational facilities, maintenance and cleanliness of the common areas of the new municipal complex located on Swami Sivananda Avenue, opposite the Vacoas market, got Stephanie Anquetil expelled from Parliament. Earlier, Speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer had made an “Announcement” to inform the House that supplementary questions would not be allowed.

In his response to the PTr MP's question, Local Government Minister Anwar Husnoo explained that the premises built in 2012 are occupied by some public bodies and other non-governmental organisations. According to the contract, minor repairs are the responsibility of the occupants, while major works remain under the responsibility of the municipal council. The minister also made it clear that due to budgetary constraints, some renovation works have not yet been undertaken.

Following the explanations on the work to be undertaken, MP Anquetil wanted to ask a new question. The Speaker then called her to order and asked her not to interrupt him when he was speaking. “If you have other questions, you can address them directly to the minister, to the municipal council or during the adjournment of the work,” Sooroojdev Phokeer told the red MP, which caused a stir among the opposition members. “I don't have the time to discuss with you,” the Speaker subsequently replied to a question from Stéphanie Anquetil as to whether she did not have “the right to ask a supplementary question.”

When his PTr colleague, MP Patrick Assirvaden, returned to another question concerning the Vacoas/Phoenix town hall, Minister Anwar Husnoo turned to the Speaker to see if he could answer. This caused laughter among the members of the National Assembly. “For this time, you can answer the question,” the Speaker then told him. The question concerned the construction of new parking spaces at the current Vacoas market. He maintained that provision had been made for parking spaces in the Vacoas Urban Terminal project. Resuming the floor, the Speaker informed the House that “since we are not in a municipal council, there will be no supplementary questions.” This prompted a reaction from MP Assirvaden who said he had a question. However, the Speaker cut him short by exclaiming again: “No, no, no, no, no! I am not allowing any supplementary questions.” This is a matter concerning municipal council.” Amid the hubbub, Speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer asked MP Anquetil to leave the House. “You are obstructing me from doing my work,” he told her. When MP Patrick Assirvaden wanted to raise a point of order, the Speaker first told him that he had already made an announcement earlier to explain that supplementary questions would not be accepted. “Anyone who did not understand this announcement should come to my office for explanations,” he said.

He added that the Minister of Communities, Anwar Husnoo, had already answered the question that had been put to him. The “point of order” of the deputy Assirvaden was subsequently rejected.

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