Daring burglary at the Children's Court, Port Louis, on the night of Friday 5 July. Two burglars broke into the Court compound, located opposite the Pope-Hennessy police station. The security guard from Rapid Services Ltd caught them around midnight. According to him, the criminals were armed with swords and had climbed the wall at Sir William Newton Street to gain access to the court. He alerted the Pope-Hennessy police station using the main gate of the Children's Court and taking care not to be detected.

However, when the police arrived, the two burglars had already fled, taking with them three air conditioner compressors. They had ripped out cables and left pipes lying on the ground. On July 6, the security guard filed a report at the Pope Hennessy police station. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Port-Louis South opened an investigation.

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