Jayraj Govind, 61, is also among the victims who lost their lives in a road accident. On Thursday evening, the Dubreuil resident was riding his motorcycle to work when he hit a parked van on La Chartreuse Road in Dubreuil. He died instantly.

On Princess Alexandra Street, where the victim lived, time stood still. The victim and her family were preparing to celebrate a happy event. Indeed, her 22-year-old granddaughter was preparing for her engagement scheduled for this Saturday, July 6. “My father worked as a security guard. On Thursday, he spent the day with my children. They went out shopping. He bought them food. We were preparing for my daughter’s engagement which was supposed to take place this Saturday. She is devastated. They were very close,” Sharmila confided to us, in pain. The event had to be put on hold after this tragedy.

But the joy of this happy event quickly gave way to deep sadness. “When he came home, he rested. Then he got up and got ready to go to work for his night shift,” his daughter tells us. The latter got on his motorcycle. This journey that he made every day turned out to be fatal for this father. “He had an accident. When we got the news, we thought he might have hurt himself, but another call told us that he was already dead. It is a great loss,” she continues.

He had already taken leave for this Friday, July 5. “He had to go out once again to complete the shopping for his granddaughter's engagement. Since my husband's death, it was my father who took care of me and my children,” Sharmila tells us. However, fate had decided otherwise.

According to initial reports, the sixty-year-old was driving towards Wooton. However, on the road to La Chartreuse, a van had pulled over. The motorcyclist was unable to avoid the vehicle. He hit the back of the van and was thrown into the other lane. The impact was violent. The SAMU went to the scene and the medical staff determined that it was already too late for the victim. The autopsy carried out on Friday revealed that he died of multiple injuries. He leaves behind his two sons, his daughter and his grandchildren for whom he was an invaluable support. His funeral took place on Friday.

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