Christophe Ivane Villars, 31, a dedicated firefighter and father, died in a motorcycle accident in Argy on Monday, July 1. Known for his kindness and dedication, his loss leaves his loved ones, friends and colleagues deeply saddened.

Christophe Ivane Villars, aged 31, had a heart of gold. A bon vivant, smiling and ready to help, he was always there for his loved ones when they needed him. But in an instant, everything changed for the man who had found his calling by becoming a firefighter. On Monday 1st July, this father, living in Argy, was on his motorcycle when he violently left the road in the town. Seriously injured, he passed away, leaving behind his entire family, friends and fellow firefighters devastated by his sudden disappearance.

Nadette, 65, is a grieving grandmother. She will no longer see her grandson walk through the door of her house, with his broad smile and good humor. “He was an extra good boy. He always had fun,” she says with a heavy heart. Indeed, Ivane had this calm and joyful temperament that everyone around him appreciated. “Everyone who knew him loved him. He never had any inappropriate words or problems with anyone,” she says.

His father Eddy is a mason, and his mother a housewife. “They were two brothers. He was the oldest,” continues his grandmother. After his studies, he helped his father before applying to become a firefighter. “He was always helping others. As soon as he had the opportunity, he sent his application to become a firefighter,” adds the sixty-year-old. Ivane joined the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service. A source of pride for the young man and especially for his family when he wore his uniform.

Great source of happiness

“He worked at the fire station in Piton, Port-Louis and most recently, he ended up in Flacq,” explains an aunt of the victim. He was with the Fire Rescue Team. Besides his job, his family was a great source of happiness for him. “He has a son whom he loved deeply,” his grandmother tells us. It was difficult for her to grieve because her grandson came to see her daily and took great care of her.

“He lived with his partner and son in a house in Résidence Argy, while his parents and I live in another house in the town. His mother is upstairs, while I am on the ground floor. Every day, he would go see his mother and, as a result, he would also visit me,” she explains. “I have cancer, when I pass lakaz, he ti pe frot my lipie and sof li ek bandaz. He said to me not winning traka louvraz, he ti pe fer li. He ti pe kwi manze tou,” says Nadette, tears in her eyes.

But fate was cruel to this woman and her family. Her grandson was taken from her in a matter of seconds. “On Monday, he was on leave. He went to join his partner on his scooter. I think he left her the scooter and took a friend's motorcycle to come home. He was already in Argy when he had this terrible accident,” she tells us, still in shock. Ivane succumbed to her injuries. “So mama, so papa ek so frer abatt net” says Nadette, who despite her illness, tries to stay strong. “Losing your child in this way is very hard,” she confides. The young man's funeral took place on Tuesday. His colleagues escorted him and formed a guard of honour in his memory. “My grandson had many friends and his colleagues are also affected by his death,” says Nadette.

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