• A bag believed to belong to Bianca discovered on a wasteland

The enigma surrounding the “murder” of Bianca Perrine remains unsolved. Five months after the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) opened an investigation, no trace of the body or remains of this 23-year-old woman has yet been found. However, new elements made it possible to relaunch the investigation at the end of last week by the MCIT. Three suspects were arrested in the wake of this case: John Marandel, Jikesh Sharma Mohit and Rimal Kumar Khoorboor.

At this stage, two new suspects were imprisoned in connection with this “murder”, despite the absence of the victim’s body. However, on Friday, a positive outcome took place with the discovery of a bag suspected of belonging to Bianca Perrine. Suspect Mohit identified the purse as the one Bianca Perrine was carrying before she disappeared. The area where the searches have taken place since Thursday has been placed under police surveillance, pending the resumption of the exercise this Monday, June 24.

Since Thursday, the MCIT, led by Superintendent of Police (SP) Vikash Seebaruth, has a significant element. One of the arrested suspects, Jikesh Sharma Mohit, 32, accused his friend and alleged accomplice, Rimal Kumar Khoorbhoor, of being behind the “murder”. He also admitted to having hidden the body of the young woman on land in La Source, Palma, with the complicity of Rimal Kumar Khoorbhoor. The duo was imprisoned after being provisionally charged with the murder of Marie Bianca Perrine in court.

Jikesh Sharma Mohit, a resident of Quatre-Bornes, and Rimal Kumar Khoorbhoor, a taxi driver operating in the region, are the main suspects. As part of this investigation, the MCIT had already arrested a relative of the deceased, a man named John Marandel, the same individual who had reported her disappearance to the Sodnac police in August 2023. At the beginning of the case, he had already been heard by the men of SP Seebaruth.

Jikesh Sharma Mohit confessed to his involvement in the murder of Bianca Perrine

These three suspects are provisionally charged with murder. The role of John Marandel remains unclear, especially after the MCIT noted inconsistencies in its version of events, based on images from surveillance cameras in the Palma region. As of Thursday, following the confession of the suspect Mohit, the police began searching a wooded area in La Source, Palma, to find the remains of the deceased.

Jikesh Sharma Mohit confessed to his involvement in the murder of Bianca Perrine during his hearing by Inspector Deewoo's men. According to him, Rimal Kumar Khoorbhoor killed the woman before disposing of the body. However, suspect Khoorbhoor denied any involvement in the murder.

A handbag placed under seal

Early Friday morning, searches for human bones were carried out on the land in question. Elements from the Special Mobile Force (SMF), MCIT, Scene of Crime Office (SOCO) and other police units carried out an exercise which resulted in the recovery of a handbag abandoned at the scene. This bag was placed under seal. The forensic police intend to carry out DNA examinations on the bag to confirm whether it belonged to Marie Bianca Perrine.

According to suspect Mohit, “sak-la pou Bianca mem sa”. He explained that he had previously sought the services of Bianca Perrine, but that the woman had attacked him during a meeting, which pushed him to want revenge. He then called on members of a small group. He added that the woman showed up at the wasteland with a fellow prostitute. A hole had already been dug to hide his body.

The exercise will resume this Monday, June 24, in the search for new clues that will allow the investigation to progress.

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