Cry of distress from Chagossians sleeping in an emergency shelter at a leisure center in West Sussex. They arrived in the United Kingdom on Monday, June 10. The current housing crisis in the UK affects those people who dreamed of a better future in Her Majesty's Land. The BBC also reports this in an online article.

“They are sleeping in emergency shelters at a West Sussex leisure center after a “significant number” of them arrived at Gatwick Airport from Mauritius. This decision follows the launch by the government, in November 2022, of a procedure to obtain British nationality for people of Chagossian origin,” it reads.

The online article also states: “The government has said its advice to British citizens of Chagossian origin moving to the UK specifies that they should make their own accommodation arrangements before traveling.

It is learned that a steady flow of people with British passports have been traveling to Gatwick since Monday, with dozens now being accommodated by Crawley Borough Council.

A council spokesperson said that following the arrival of a “significant number of people from Mauritius”, it had assessed each person based on their legal housing obligations.

These people who spoke to Jean-Luc Emile this morning hope that the British government will help them.

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